Many bugs in The Forgotten Cache

HunchHunch Member Posts: 2
Got stabbed by a freeman who was not in overwatch (he had stabbed Glenn on his turn) as I ran past him, just like a walker would do. Glenn died (his corpse on the ground) but he's shown at 1hp.

Obviously being dead, he couldn't reach the box he was running to (bottom right one), but it still acted like it opened. Must have been the right one because I have 2 padlocks unlocked and the exit zone is lit up, though only two boxes are shown as open.

The game didn't end there with a failure. I couldn't move the other characters, couldn't end turn (button had disappeared) and when I tried to flee, I could still pick anyone to sacrifice, Glenn wasn't red. I still chose Glenn. And then the game froze, had to close the app!

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