Guild Wars Map revamp!

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The Guild Wars Map is about to be properly shaken up and expanded to explore new horizons!

Starting from War 3 of this season (March 15th), we are overhauling the Guild Wars Map - new design, changed Victory Point structure, and many more sectors. 

So behold, here is the new map (click to expand):

Note: The map is from the perspective of a player with level 27 survivors. Difficulty values will vary based on your own levels.

Yes, it is a lot to take in. Let's break it down:

•  The map is no longer interlinked, but rather you can see that there are clusters of 3 sectors that are linked together 
We call these clusters Islands.
•  Each Island starts out with 2 open sectors and 1 locked one, all of which are of the same difficulty. Both of the 2 open sectors need to be completed in order to unlock the third one. All 3 sectors in the same island share the same numbering (1A, 1B and 1C are part of the same island).
This means that at the start of every battle, there will be 40 open sectors across all difficulties - not counting bonus sectors and "stray sectors". Players will no longer have to wait for one another, before they can enter sectors that best suit their skill level.
•  Towards higher difficulties (right side), there are "stray sectors", which are standalone sectors that are not linked to any others.
These are meant to diversify your team's options, in the case that you don't have enough spare attacks to complete full sectors/islands.
•  The locked sector in each island contains 8 missions instead of 12, and yields more VP
In order to maximize your team score, you should aim to complete full islands, instead of just individual sectors.
• The map image does not contain RP values as we're still in the process of balancing. 

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