New Challenge = Beta Distance 2.0???



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    Like I always said give me 15000 dollars to buy my way to the top and I will be praised lmao, ide rather buy a car than an app game. To funny how you idolize a player when he bought his way there.Then he doesn’t even play NWs for his country because his gina hurts.......
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    Tux77 said:
    If it was sooo EZPZ way didn’t you ever do it? 

    Can you read? I said exactly why I didn't do it.
    Tux77 said:
    So the guy that makes all the distance videos would rather do something else with his time 🤔😂😂 

    I don't understand this argument either. Distance vids take one play through to make. After 6 weeks of Distance I have all my videos. What are you trying to prove? I'd rather make these vids then mindlessly playing the same 6 maps to infinity every challenge.

    And @Marie__Gaga not sure what you mean. I never called anyone from RIH stupid. It just looks pathetic with how much you guys constantly kiss BCS's ass. I'm actually agreeing with @Anjelos and @Firekid throughout this thread so get off your high horse. Maybe BCS should spend more time teaching you guys reading comprehension too jfc
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    I’m nowhere near a high level player and don’t know the ins and outs of getting there but changing the weekly challenge with an end where multiple players get the same score defeats the purpose of the game. I really enjoy seeing the leader table and the different scores and notice players who have a good week scoring well and am amazed at some of the scores.. even though apparently they are easy to get for some people and no big deal! But, for me, they are amazing.. even to have the patience to do it is amazing. If there are going to be 20, 30 or 40 people with the exact same score each week, it will be boring. Completing the distance without loosing survivors has become the norm and nothing really special now, although a great feat for those who keep on trying. The game isn’t perfect and changes can be good but personally, I am disappointed that there will no longer be a competitive leader board. Hopefully NG will implement high level changes where completing the challenge and getting maximum stars actually challenges the high level players and we don’t see the leaderboard inundated with the same score! 
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    Metal said:
    Like I always said give me 15000 dollars to buy my way to the top and I will be praised lmao, ide rather buy a car than an app game. To
    Yeap that happens when people spend more and still can't do that . Stone throwing .

    I can say also if i have an airplane i might flight it , but oh well , don't really know how to do it , but i assume i will be able to , since others can , and i saw so many videos of how it can be done.

    Hip hip hurray for all those f2p that made it to top100.
    You are out of topic clearly 😂

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    why in this topic so many times use Tie word?
    where you see tie? Bloody Chainsaw go to the finish first and get maximum stars and Stelio do same but later and Bloody first in leaderboard
    so no tie for me
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    Bruh tie = same score lol
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    I was hoping for some fine conversation where we can really discuss what need to be changed and improved.

    But can't happen since some of you are trying to present all this as such bad thing, and it's actually most user-friendly change that came into this game in last couple of years. And you are telling that in front of very experienced players who listen and just can't agree with nonsense. As a very experienced player yourself, @Anjelos you know that last week was a joke as soon as mapset is announced and that assault are going to be charged. 
    You knew the rules, you know it has an end, yet you choose to boost through it on first day and reach the end. It's your choice, and you didn't have to rush. 

    And as best argument, you show perfect ties that happened this week, while you know very well this very rare example, and who knows when will happen again. I asked you, why not posting last week ? or will you post again, when this week's challenge "heavies" end on next monday ? You know you won't. Your arguments will be lost.

    So, that's why you are not getting support in this thread except from your own guild members. It's sad to see that one of the best guilds in this game is showing zero sportmanship and understanding towards others. You want to play same game as rest of us, while being able to dominate with money and individual play. At same time you say you have best video chat where you share great tips and tactics . What is the problem than ? Train your troops, whole guild reach round 80, and keep bloody dominating !
    Situation we had last week where 3 top guilds were separated by only couple hundred stars is the real thing, real competition and let's look forward to more of those instead of coming here to cry like babies.
    Get back to me, fight and retaliate, show us all how you are the best and shut our cheapskates mouths !

    And close this pointless thread that went too far. 
    See you on the battlefield !
  • Bruh tie = same score lol
    new system not only get maximum stars but also do it faster then others, so no tie in this way
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    Let's keep it civil. Closed.

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