3.16 Hot Lead Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Hot Lead" Update Notes

Sneak Peak Video:

New Challenge Maps

1. Whole Nine Yards

2. Country Roads


The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the Hot Lead Campaign. As usual, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on April 26th and ends May 17th at 12PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Bulldozer Shotgun (Assault Weapon) and 500 Yumiko Tokens.


New Hero: Beth (Scout)

Beth is an impactful addition to any team that looks to increase damage output, even when she is not used on a leader position

Her Leader Trait:

  Lethal Aid:

When Beth kills her main target, the kill emits an area buff that allows your Survivors to deal {0}% of their target's current HP as extra damage. Survivors must stand within the buff's range to receive the effect.
Overlapping buffs do not stack.
The buff lasts for {1} turn(s).
As a leader, each member of your team gains this bonus.

Trait Values:

Remaining traits:  

Power Strike, Follow Through, Iron Skin Ruthless


• Beth tokens will be available to buy in the Guild Shop


New Hero: Yumiko (Shooter)

Yumiko takes offensive strategies to a whole new level when teamed up with ranged allies, pitting her enemies against unmatched firepower.

Her Leader Trait:

  Firing Squad:

When Yumiko attacks an enemy on her turn, all ranged Survivors with enough range will attack the target for {0}% damage.

As a leader, each member of your team gains this bonus.

Trait Values:

Remaining traits: 

Marksman, Ruthless, Iron Skin, Revenge


• Allies' attacks triggered by this trait do not generate threat

• Attacks triggered by this trait do not use up allies' action points.

• Attacks triggered by this trait retain their area of attack, meaning that Hunter/Assault attacks may hit multiple enemies.


Hero Change: Negan (Bruiser)

Negan's leader trait is completely reworked and renamed to Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

At the beginning of each turn, Negan marks the closest enemy for 1 turn. The marked enemy takes {2}% more damage and deals {3}% less damage to your Survivors. The marked enemy cannot inflict status effects.

As a leader, Negan marks 3 enemies instead of 1.

Trait Values:


• When a marked burning walker attacks your survivor, it will still inflict burning damage, as that is different to inflicting a status effect.

• Negan's Mark does not amplify the extra damage from Beth's leader trait.

Hero Outfit: Huntsman Daryl (Scout)

Poncho Daryl:


The following trait have been reworked to boost Total Damage, instead of just Weapon Damage:

Leader Traits:

Teamwork (Aaron)

Jackass (Merle) 

Only Need One (Rosita) 

 Desperation (Dwight)

Equipment Traits:


Survivor Traits:

Marksman (Ranged survivors)

Strong (Melee survivors)

weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: Bulldozer Shotgun (Assault)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a 90 degrees cone. Attacks that are not Body Shots push targets back 1 space. If the targets collide with another enemy or an obstacle, they get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant). Enemies that collide with a pushed target also get stunned (as long as they are not stun-resistant).

Traits: Silver Lucky, Gold Concussive, Gold Piercing


Pinning Messages

Leaders and co-leaders can pin important messages to be visible at all times in the guild chat.

Only one message can be pinned a time. 

Draw bonus

Guild Wars battles that end in a draw will now result in a 25% bonus for both of the teams.

Unregistering Guild Wars participants

Leaders (only) can unregister players from Guild Wars battle slots. Participants can not be removed after sign-up locks.

GW Sector indicator

Sectors on the Guild Wars map that contain at least one completed mission, have an indicator on top of them.
Guild Wars map texts have also been adjusted for increased visibility.


• New event: All Regular Survivors Charged

• The zoom level of the GW map no longer resets when you enter a sector

• Infused and Special Functionality weapons now have visible indicators in the workshop.


• Fixed issue where the game would sometimes allow players to enter Guild Wars missions before the guild has fully loaded. This change should hopefully reduce the number of cases where completed missions do not show as completed. We will continue looking into other causes behind similar cases.

• Fixed issue where more walkers would spawn than indicated on the threat counter in Guild Wars missions

• Fixed the interaction between blast grenades and explosive barrels causing your own survivors to be stunned indefinitely or until the game is restarted

• Fixed Lucky Dumpster not activating when Glenn interacts with a Gore Barrel

• Fixed bugs where a pushed enemy does not get attacked via the Revenge trait

• Fixed occasional cases where leaderless guilds are unable to appoint a Leader

• Fixed a visualization issue with Sasha's Leader Trait, where combat text "Charged" pops up without any actual charge points being added

Final note:

In the upcoming Guild Wars, we're going to scale up our servers in order to mitigate some of the issues that occur in the mode. Most of the issues in GW have been caused by various server issues, which in turn, are partly caused by maintenance updates that are run by our provider - therefore we hope that by scaling up our capacity, the effects of the maintenance will be minimized. We will continue to monitor the effect of this change.

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