Anyone else think that scavenge could use new maps?

I think its about time scavenge gets a little bit of love when it comes to updating.
Maybe new maps, and changing up difficulty selection?
Maybe add a 2nd scavenge mode if the one we have stays as is?
A couple things I think would be fun are...

1. Allow more options for difficulty,  like testing yourself at higher levels would be nice 

2. Maps change- 
It would be cool if you just had to finish random challenge, season, GW maps even if they don't have the loot boxes, just complete them for the goods

3. Scavenge vs freemen?

I guess I just wish there was a little more variety in this aspect of the game. 
Feel free to add any suggestions you think would add some flavor to getting those tomatoes and xp!
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  • DanmenDanmen Member Posts: 9
    Absolutely agree with components scavenger mode. GO NG..😃
  • n00bn00b Member Posts: 43
    "Beach life" is the best scavenge right now
  • DanmenDanmen Member Posts: 9
    edited May 11
    But there are no drop rate for fragments or components in mission season
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