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Hello, everyone!

We have a new campaign starting today :smile: and we know how easy it is to be well into it and panic a little because you're not sure if you grabbed all the daily tokens of the previous days and if you will be able to get all the rewards or not. So, from GIRL POWER we wanted to help :blush:

We created posters per day so you can check your progress easily and share them with your guildmates so they can check their progress too. I'm uploading now the ones in English, we will be uploading them in other languages during the week.

Posters in Spanish

Posters in Italian (Thanks @LaMocciosa )

Posters in Portuguese (Thanks @Lady J)

Posters in Greek (Thanks @Nymeria)

Posters in French (Thanks @van777)

Posters in Russian (Thanks @Maria_MW)

Posters in German (Thanks @MaximumSlayage)

If you have any questions about GIRL POWER as a community, please contact:

Le Mat: English, Spanish. Line ID: le.mat.0
Maximum Slayage: English, German. Line ID: polismaxima
TTitect: English, Estonian. Line ID: ttitect
Van777: English, French. Line ID: wtvan777
La Mocciosa: English, Italian. Line ID: SoniaTWD
BabaJagnaPL: English, Polish. Line ID: BabaJagnaPL
Olga: English, Polish. Line ID: okak-wasp
Maria: English, Russian. Telegram ID: Maria_MW

P.S. Thanks to @euchid and @ShadowWalker for spotting the mistakes and contributing to make this posters even better! Highly appreciated 😊 
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