I screwed up..

Does anyone know......

Ive been playing for 1 week solid now and I'm at level 17, I purchased the starter bundle at $2.99.

After reading many, many post and posting threads myself... I've come to realize I have screwed up.
I want to deleat my profile, unistall the game completely totally delete my exstinance and start over.

Can I get my Starter bundle re-instated or do I have to buy it again?


  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    What, exactly, did you screw up so badly that you want to restart? There's probably a better solution than restarting completely.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    Built up wrong, Closed off episodes....
    upgraded wrong units, lost tons of supplys in the wrong way.....

    Starting over is not a bad thing anyway...

  • ScorchScorch Member Posts: 38
    You can start over but you won't get the bundle back.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    No reinstated bundle. ...(lost money)
    That bundle is a once in a lifetime purchase?

  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    To be honest, its only $3. You are level 17, i bet in another 10 levels you wont even have any of these survivors and it will all be a thing of the past.

    Its not like in some games where you have attributes that you apply and can't be changed. You will be fine.
  • dedLanadedLana Member Posts: 40
    Can you tell us what you invested in and think you shouldn't have? So I could avoid the same mistakes since I'm playing only with the resources I get through the game. I'm playing for a week and haven't bought any bundles and I plan on playing like that. now @level 14.

  • ScorchScorch Member Posts: 38
    @xxMichaelxx ....the bundle is once in a lifetime purchase at that price if you dont reinstall. The bundle will be avaliable again but for a higher price and a different weapon.

    If you reinstall, you won't get the money back, but will be able to buy that same bundle at the same price.
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    @xxMichaelxx I think many of us would like a do-over but that's just part of learnin the game. Use your knowledge to help others along the way. @blynknz is right, it's a very small amount of money. There are other bundles available for purchase. I would recommend that you continue going forward. Before you consider making additional bundle purchases that include full supplies, make sure you have maxed out your storage supplies first to make sure you're getting the most soup for your buck (so to speak). Be sure that your workshop is maxed as well if the bundle includes a weapon. Those are my tips.
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  • steste Member Posts: 108
    The way the game is I'm not sure how you could screw up so badly it would be worth starting again.
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  • DZ_DZ_ Member Posts: 12
    dedLana said:

    Can you tell us what you invested in and think you shouldn't have? So I could avoid the same mistakes since I'm playing only with the resources I get through the game. I'm playing for a week and haven't bought any bundles and I plan on playing like that. now @level 14.

    This! I'm new to the game also, I've been playing for around 3 weeks but I'm curious to know what specifically @xxMichaelxx feels he screwed up on. He is 1 week in so maybe he can recover?

    After reading around the forums to get a better understanding of peoples tips, advice and strategies i feel i have made some mistakes but i kept going as i was so early into the game and now i feel like those mistakes won't hinder me as i progress because i found out early.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    All super questions good people, I will try to answer them:
    @DZ_ and @dedLana as @blynknz says:
    I very well could keep going and in 10 levels or so laugh at my worries now.
    But here is what I KNOW I've done wrong.

    My past experience with strategy defense games like AoE, Command & Conquer, Star Craft and the like have taught me that building up resources (Farms) is the key to survival. No food..no surviving..
    Second (not by much) is weapons...you can have the worst character but if you have an awesome weapon you might survive.

    Mistake #1. Spent radios as fast as I was earning them.
    Mistake #2. Neglected the Radio Tower, I was burning 1 radio call after the other getting crappy 1-2* characters.
    My thinking was I had a better chance calling single phones, 1 out of 5 vs 1 out of 1 with a 5 call or a 15 call...(there is an awesome post regarding the whole phone issue going on right now)
    Mistake #3. Never once upgraded my Training camp, I only saw that as a badge (exp) maker.. I was earning so much exp at the time...why bother.
    (it never occurred to me it HAS A LOT to NEW characters!!!)
    Mistake #4. Upgraded every item I had to the maximum level I could, never scraping!! (yes....I'm a hoarder) :(
    I wasted soooo much exp..
    Mistake #5. Started upgrading my counsel only when I needed to which was way too late....now I'm broke..

    Which leads me to my Final Mistake....I am a FREE to PLAY player..always have been, I don't feel that a cell phone game offers me anything in return for my money... PC games offer a box, artwork, instruction book, a disk plus a nice looking item on my shelves.
    Same thing for my XBox and my PS3, a box, artwork, instruction book, a disk plus a nice looking item on my shelves.
    Phones crash, they get stolen, hacked, servers die, and a litany of other issues that I wont get into here...

    Mistake #6
    I paid cash for fake gold, I know it was only $2.99... I really don't care about the money, that's not an issue..what is, is now I FEEL that I'm invested in this game (which is fantastic btw.)
    I maxed out my food, exp, got 400 gold, a cool new gold weapon (5* Claw) and in less than 24 hours the outpost hit my phone.
    I blew through my 100,000 food, spent 255 gold (instant upgrades) and now I'm kinda stuck....

    It was to easy to blow the cash, food, gold...with the new outpost, mostly from me losing my cool and wanting it now.. in doing so I forgot to upgrade my RV, forgot to upgrade my Radio Tower, and I still have a level 2 Training camp.
    I have a walker pit guarded by three Lvl 1-2* survivors, I'm being raided every time I turn around because I didn't play/plan smart.

  • dedLanadedLana Member Posts: 40
    yup, you really did screw up. :D I hope you recover. do you at least have good survivors for now?

    so glad that I didn't get the outpost!!

    what did you spend all your cans on since you didn't upgrade any buildings? the workshop?

    today is so good for me. I've got 10 radios in just a few hours, the amount I didn't get in the last 3-4 days. yay!

  • AkartikiAkartiki Member Posts: 143
    When you get better survivors, burn the ones you have now and get some badges back. You will get more radios. You will get better weapons. It happens, people screw up, but you can easily recover. I did.

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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    You dont need to restar your game.. just continue playing exploration mission. Slowly but surely, you will catch up.. ;)

  • SistersOfDaryl_GagaSistersOfDaryl_Gaga Member Posts: 164
    Yeah, I'm Level 43 or 44, whow knows in maintenance times, and I can tell you: making mistakes is part of any game. I dont think a restart will lead to a better result compared to just playing on. You made some bad decissions, but thats not causing permanent trouble. Your survivors will change through the levels, your buildings must all be improved - no matter what you started with.

    You're not screwed up. You're just experiencing a challenging game. :smile:
  • dedLanadedLana Member Posts: 40
    what they said ..and ..ffs scrap those weapons you don't need. :)

  • DZ_DZ_ Member Posts: 12
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    I agree, what they said also.

    You can recover from the mistakes made.

    I'm sure everyone here has made bad decisions playing this game but with these types of games I think it's unavoidable as there is alot to learn but isn't that part of the experience and getting better.
  • @xxMichaelxx The XP you spent will be so minor soon. To finish the 3rd level upgrade on a weapon of mine is 300K of XP. I also upgraded my stuff early because it was cheap, and on a 5 sec upgrade bonus because they were treating us for earlier bugs. I knew nothing then. I don't even have any survivors from then because my best 4 that had everything died in back to back deadly's.
    Keep playing learning while it's cheaper so when it goes up in price, more gold, more tomatoes, more XP, youll use yours and everyone else who has played the games knowledge to make yourself better at killing walkers.
  • jim_jamesjim_james Member Posts: 62
    $3 is not an investment into anything. You can easily go to starbucks and buy a coffee for around that price.

    Let the money go.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    Thank you everyone for your input..
    I do have a positive attitude in this and I'm not disappointed at all in the game so far, just my actions as of late.

    I would have never thought that I would have receive such a positive response from my thread in a million years!!

    You guys and gals that are above level 40, the Noobs (lower than 20), and everyone else in the middle! My goodness!

    I can't believe so many of you are so willing and adamant about me not just deleting and restarting blows my mind.
    It's kinda like going to church and not wanting to get baptized.....

  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    OK... so in that case...

    would anyone like to join my level 17 guild and help me start rebuilding? I've calling it "world war Z"...
    I've mostly been playing it on my own and I average 6 stars per fight. (two run through s) or until my survivors are too hurt to continue.

  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    This is a good group. :) Lots willing to help. Are you in a guild? That will help too. Guild prizes are awesome. Plus the benefit of a little family to help you navigate specifics.

    At player level 17 you still have a lot of room. You aren't too far behind.
    Going forward:
    1) upgrade that radio tent. As soon as you get a rare or higher survivor, retire one or two to train up the new one.
    2) Do not have the expectation of hoarding. Everything starts to cost a *lot*. Be smart about saving and upgrading things that are going to increase your supplies.
    3) Scrap any weapon that is below 2 stars or below a level 4
    4) play the weekly challenge - farm Walkers until they become too strong that you can take them out.
    5) don't bother with farms above lvl 7
    6) don't give up :) as soon as you get going on a new direction with a new focus it will turn around quickly.

  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    @jim_james ,

    As I stated... It's not really about the money, but since you brought it up here is my thoughts about it.

    1. Read the prelude to Mistake #6.

    2. I don't throw money away, as for myself... I have been unemployed a few times (once for as long as 38 months) I have learned the value of money, I'm not saying you Pay to Play folks haven't... I just find it very disheartening to know that there is so much money floating out there and with the advent of app gaming, there is a new (astonishing) group of people called (whales) who for some reason have THOUSANDS of dollars to spend on gaming apps..
    I'm in no way saying that you fall into this category but....whether it's $3.00, $30,00 or $300.00 the monies that I have given to NG for TWDNML for some reason make ME feel as if I have been suckered into this unprecedented unique and interesting cultural phenomena called "appgaming".

    3. This is just how I FEEL..... I do not try nor do I want to push my feelings on anyone else, I just want to understand better that's all...

  • Rogue6Rogue6 Member Posts: 53
    You can always make a new google play account and start over, you will have the option to buy the 3$ starter pack again. It is a pita now to switch accounts though they removed the super easy disconnect button, probably due to morons loosing their account through it.
  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    It's not the end of the world and hardly worth restarting. You got a head start on upgrading some things. I used to do only 5 radio calls hoping to balance to get some decent explorers while getting 3x the calls. I ended up turning away 2* after 2*. I got maybe 1 rare that I still use (read that as sit in camp as i don't use scouts much)
    I also upgraded my early equipment because it felt like the thing to do. A lot of it lasted me into ep 3 or 4.
    I've only been playing a couple weeks and it didn't really set me back despite waiting until the last possible moment to upgrade the car. (I figured the gas costs weren't going to get worse than 3.)

    Just start prioritize your farms and work with what you have and you will turn it around.

    Don't worry about getting raided. It only costs you trade goods if you have excess of what your cousel can hold. Nobody had trade goods yesterday, so you aren't missing much. I am not planning to do anything with my outposts for a minute and I'm nearly a lvl 25 player. It just doesn't seem worth it until i've got survivors in the upper end. My 1 attempt at raiding I was matched up with an opponent that vastly outclassed me and I didn't bother attempting and still haven't tried again.

    Stick it out and see where you end up. You really can't go wrong.
  • xxMichaelxxxxMichaelxx Member Posts: 102
    Thats strange... even being raided I still keep and avg of 6500 in my trade counter.....

  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
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    I use my boxes to upgrade.
    The less you keep, the less you can lose.... ;)
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