Eenie Meeny Miny Moe not always working

JpokJpok Member Posts: 24
In Yard Work for this weeks challenge Negan is not marking any walker at the start of the mission (see the screenshot).
After the first attack is completed he will then mark the 3 closest walkers and the LT will work correctly after that



  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 849
    Happened to me too, in Distance (and version 3.16). Here Negan did mark an enemy, but it sure as hell isn't the closest one. Screenshot of starting setup:
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  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 2,697
    Same happened with me

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  • paeaeaeschpaeaeaesch Member Posts: 71
    I had only two marked walkers in guild wars, i checked with beta, if someone was hiding in the small room, but no other walker was around...

  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 18
    Thanks for sharing these!

    @Jpok & @Carly This seems to be a map specific situation, but if you notice something similar on other maps we'd appreciate reports on it. I flagged this one to our team for further investigation.

    @Burmeliinis Hopefully this is now in order, since we did quite a few fixes to Negan and his LT in the latest release (3.17). If there is anything, let us know :smile:

    @paeaeaesch Thank you for the video. We'll investigate it further.
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