What are the best trait combinations for survivors of each class?

My resources in the game are very limited so I wanna make sure I take the right decisions regarding traits.

Right now I can only change the traits of two 5 star survivors, a hunter and an assault.

My hunter has Critical Aim, Ruthless, Revenge, Marksman and Lucky. I wanna replace Critical Aim with Sure shot.
My Assault has Retaliate, Lucky, Sure Shot, Marksman and Revenge. I wanna replace Lucky and Sure Shot with Iron Skin and Ruthless.

Are my decisions right? Or should I keep the traits they already have? Also, what other trait combinations would you recommend me for other classes?


  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 849
    Don’t change either!

    Sure shot is just bad in every way, never put that on anyone.

    Never put ruthless on as assault. Assaults charge damage is very low so ruthless gives very little bang for the buck.

    and finally, don’t reroll your survivors at all! Only reroll key heroes. Like Sasha, Beta, Eugene etc. 

    Check out JayZ:s strategy compendium, it’s in the strategy section of this forum.
    Ingame username: Jubjab
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