Game menu overhaul

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I've started this game years ago and later I shelved it for several years. Recently I picked up the game again and what struck me was completely incomprehensible, disjointed, unintuitive game menu. As game grew and matured it required more and more ways to interact with the player, hence, more buttons were added to the UI but instead of grouping and organizing into a single menu these buttons where added ad hoc where there was any space available. As a result player needs to navigate through a maze of screens to get to the right section. There are useless buttons, such as "Buildings" button on the main screen which is not used 99% of the time and by clicking which you get an empty screen covering 1/2 of the screen. Logic? I sense none.

Here's an example of what a good game menu looks like:

(The game is called Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure)
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