Bulldozer Shotgun or Lucky Decimator

ScotticusScotticus Member Posts: 41
I have the chance to buy the Lucky Decimator from The Guild Wars shop, but have already acquired The Bulldozer Shotgun. Now...which one is worth investing XP and time in?
Does anyone.out there have a strong preference for one over the other? Does anyone reckon they're both worth bringing up to tip-top level and using?
And does anyone have any killer tricks yhey've found with either, maybe perk or hero combinations which just make these respective weapons humbling in their tactical awesomeness?

Bulldozer Shotgun or Lucky Decimator 38 votes

Bulldozer Shotgun
ladre5 1 vote
'Lucky' Decimator
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Both/Neither (please elaborate)!
ADPaqWellyLugaMojakuTheKingIcePeterAntonioGreekWarriorSuperheroNovelltrungta 9 votes


  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,094
    'Lucky' Decimator
    Upgrade both but lucky Decimator comes first, it's value has been proven beyond dispute. 

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