Reducing Guild Wars Stress & Cost

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Consider this an attempt to gather suggestions in response to that petition, in the correct forum. I'm responding to the thread above.

Proposed Remedies (For Discussion)
A. Reducing Time Commitments
1. I second the idea of reducing hospital wait times by reducing the grade of GW Injuries. We alleviate the problem in part by changing heavy injury to injury, injury to bruise, bruise to normal. I'm thinking Next Games could implement this w/o mucking with Hospital code.

2. I'm ambivalent about reducing the # of battles, mostly because dropping from 18 to 12 would reduce shop points received. BUT here's an idea: what if shop point rewards scaled up to compensate for fighting fewer battles?

In that circumstance, I'd be entirely open to reducing to 12 battles.

B. Reducing Tool Use / Financial Spend
1. Moving to every other week would help FTP players - two weeks of opportunities to grab tools during daily quests makes for a better war chest than one week.

2. He's a somewhat crazy idea.
What about limiting the # of guild wars battles where tools could be used?
e.g. Could it we set up such that Guild Wars would have alternating weeks where tool use is allowed / banned?

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