A bunch of ideas, mainly quality of life changes

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Hello everyone, I've been thinking about some game situations and came up with the next suggestions, that I hope will get implemented, or at least the most part of them.

*** As some people requested, I'll sort out the QOL suggestions and the other suggestions that involve economy and game mechanics.

  1. Change grenades and aid kits rotation in TG shop, you've put them and removed from daily tasks rewards, but now there are new tools, and they should also rotate in the shop. Also, not sure whether grenades and aid kits are back into daily tasks rewards, but if not, they should be, alongside with the other tools.

  2. Rearrange the mission types. Move the "story" chapters to the rightest side, moving all of the other mission types to the left, so we won't need to scroll every time we need to do the distance for example, once the campaign is done, there's no need to keep it first in line. Make this our default look of mission types. (Scavenge comes first in line, story is pushed to the right side).

  3. Make a thumbnail preview pictures of missions (except farm missions), to have a clue of what is the map going to be like in the mission, I for example, tend to forget what every mission is just by the name, and have to look it up on google. This is especially needed in the distance and the challenge modes, but, would be awesome to also have it in the GW missions if possible. I think it once used to be this way, but I couldn't find any evidence of that unfortunately, so I am not sure of my memories about this, maybe it is just something I wanted a long ago and just been fantasizing about it all along.

  4. Add the option to choose what heroes heal first. I think this one has been offered here in the forums once, but I'm not sure. Anyway, just as we get to choose our team for missions, we want to have the ability to prioritize who to heal first.

  5. Make a free unlocks counter somewhere which is not in the mission reward tickets after a mission, but somewhere neutral, before going into one. Usually when I got plenty of time to play, I aim on getting the missions passed, using the free unlocks, and waiting for the next unlocks to refresh, but sometimes I forget whether there are any unlocks left or not, and go to missions when I ran out of these, and in case there are unrevealed gold tickets, I leave the rewards just as they are, and leave the game, waiting to come back when I get the free unlocks refreshed. This is one way to solve it, but if there was a counter, I wouldn't go to the mission in the first place, maybe I'd go pass some distance missions instead if I see there aren't any free unlocks left.

  6. Mark specific corners with angle-typed marks, so we see where can walkers pass "through a shortcut" right towards us, and where they need to move around because the angle of the square doesn't allow to make the "shortcut".

    Just mark those hard to pass angles somehow, at least for those who have the "tactical grid" option on.
    So it will look like something like this:

  7. Let us upgrade walkers to the current highest survivor level (28 atm), they are maxed at 26 and forgotten behind. Maybe even let us capture some more types like the metalheads or the spiked walkers.

  8. Usually walkers are noticing when you make an action (move, shoot, hit and etc.) and from that moment on, they become alerted and move towards you to attack. But there are many situations where it won't show the white "notice" mark over their heads, and they would walk to you anyway. The problem is you never know whether a walker is gonna walk towards you or not, and wandering walkers are even more unpredictable, they walk back and forward but in one moment they might just come over to you and take a bite.. Either make a new sign, indicating that they went all-aggro which would mean - now they're coming for you, or fix the current one to work properly on all walkers who noticed you & are willing to start walking towards, for both wandering and standing-still walkers.

    Game mechanics & etc.:

  9. Make waves in outpost before opening the gate. some smartass players do not capture walkers, not to speak about upgrading them, so we are unable to load our survivors for charge attacks, which makes it harder to fight once the gates are open. I assume the do it also because it is pricey, and they'd rather spend their TG in the shop instead of upgrading their walkers, but there is another reason, which is not fair. Many players upgraded and captured those walkers back when it was just added, simply not knowing it would be worse for enemy if they didn't capture & upgrade those walkers, newer players are just using this knowledge in their favor, which is unfair.

  10. An option to mark walkers. Or make their hand icon (the one next to their levels) a different color, so we know which walkers are there from the beginning and which ones came from waves\spawn locations. It's sometimes a bit confusing, when you need to clear some of the origin walkers in a map (in the distance) and come back with another team to get moving to the exit area, killing those who start spawning from the waves\spots. It's of course not that hard to tell which ones just arrived and which were there before, especially if you record the camp and compare it, but it would be so much more comfortable and easy if it would be a built-in option.

  11. Waypoints. Make a new game mechanic, that will let us choose from which side do we want the attack to happen. for example we want to attack a group of walkers and we choose a hero to go and make the attack but he goes from the top side instead of the bot side, which leads to less walkers attacked/affected - which may lead to less advantageous situations in combat. I am speaking about same position, same action points amount to be spent for going from either side, but it simply picks one direction to attack from - mostly the worse one. Give us a new game mechanic that will let us choose from which side do we want to make the attack, in case the path will cost the same action points as the default one.

  12. Gate openings. When opening a gate the counter starts to go down every turn. If you get caught into struggle, after for example 3 out of 6 turns, when reattempting to open the gate, you start again from 6 - why? Why all the progress that has been done is lost? This is not fair. In the distance for example, you can use an unnecessary survivor to open the gate, then leave him behind and exit the mission, and everything he had opened so far would be saved upon re-entering the mission. (For example I open 2 out of 8 turns at the gate and sacrifice a survivor, when I re-enter the mission the gate will now require only 6 turns to open). Why not make it work the same in the match itself, without needing to leave and start over? Like for example, I open 2/3 turns of a gate, the one opening the door get into struggle, I open the missing 1/3 of the gate with another survivor, get the first survivor out of struggle and I am free to go. This is logical, this is fair, this is what we need. It would also benefit the other modes like GW and challenge missions.

    Economy and prices:

  13. Not much of economy, more like QOL, but since there are spendings, I'll put that one in this section. Give us an option to switch between traits. For example, I already own 2 traits that I like, but I'd like to position them differently, to benefit more from lucky skill for example, I'll move it to the bottom of the character's abilities. Let us another option to not only reroll but also switch traits, for 25 tokens for example, and let's say some symbolic amount of like 50 hero tokens.

  14. Gas, the cap is 35 gallons at the last lvl, with 10 min restore for just 1. It's all cool but, now that we got the master missions, that drain more gas, it is just 3 master missions and then you have to wait +5 hours to get the gas filled back up. That's pretty much a lot of time, would be great to either rise up the cap or even better faster the refill, 7-8 minutes would be just it. I know some might say "Hey, master missions are saving you hella ton of gas" which is true, but, doing master missions, forces you to wait after those 3 rounds I mentioned.
    Also some of you might say they got over 1K gas and etc. I know guys, I have it too, but that's only because I've been playing inactively lately because of personal reasons, but it's not always this way..

  15. Make distance reset cheaper, otherwise, what's the point of it? Having the "double rewards" makes it easy to grab the rewards without the extra effort and gas wastes, if it would be cheaper by gold, it would at least have some sense behind it.. like, make it cost 200 gold for example, I think that would fit just great. "Want to save time? spend some gold to double rewards. Don't want to waste so much gold? Get your gas and fingers ready".
  16. Reduce healing times, this is taking forever in the latest upgrade of the hospital, I am afraid to think what times do the newer players see when they check up on injured heroes at the hospital. This is especially too much to wait in the GW mode, since there's less than a day to play it, people might have other things to do but to sit and wait for specific characters to revive to use them again, and it's frustrating, not everyone got the ability to use gold just whenever to simply heal for another mission. The times we have in the healing event are perfect, make them permanent please. It doesn't mean, by the way, that the event should be removed, on the contrary it would be super cool with having to wait maximum of ~30 minutes for a hero to heal.

  17. GW gas, I feel we've been cheated on this one. There was supposed to be a compensation for GW gas to those who had it priorly, then, you simply added it back, to retry unsuccessful missions, and it was kind of an alright usage. But then, you made another change, you brought the penalties - may I ask why? It's super unfair, considering we retry for GW gas, not for free. So spending GW gas is not enough, you have to apply penalties? Then there's no point in the GW gas, just remove it and let players retry for free, with that penalty you added up, otherwise it's nonsense. Or leave only one penalty - the gas increase for every mission retry - but remove the 20% VP decrease. or make it 1-2 points per mission, not in %, especially not 20% (!!!).
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    I wholeheartedly agree with: 2, 3, 7 (for outpost), 9 (it doesn't make sense that players that have put NO effort into outpost have an advantage!), 12, 19 (telling us health is only half the story when going into battle!), 21 (it'll save having to look for posts every week!), 24 (yes! I've been caught out so many times)
    I think the following are definitely good ideas: 4, 25
  • VersyseVersyse Member Posts: 51
    I'm super glad there have been some things that were taken into account and are going to be added in the upcoming update.
    I crossed the suggestions that were looked into.

    Thank you NG!
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    Did not read a thing. 
    But the amount of likes and agrees they got. 
    I wholeheartedly back this and think it’s great
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    Realy, realy good ideas. Nice to see that a few came with the update. I hope other will follow.
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    And add margin/border map (in settings option define as value in pixel).
    Margin/border will be helpful against accidental pressing EndTurn

    Margin must works only maps not icon hero / flee / End turn Button.

    Maps will be smaller but it will not interfere with the game
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    How difficult would it be to lighten the bonus area of components during scrap and when trying to assign them to a survivor? It would be very helpful at these times to know what is hidden. Now in order to read you must go to another survivor with for example damage in exactly the same slot. I personally have needed to go to eight survivors before finding a match.
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    4 let us order or just order it by Less damage first
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,314
    Did not read a thing. 
    But the amount of likes and agrees they got. 
    I wholeheartedly back this and think it’s great

    I'm gonna confess... When the post is so long, the words start to get blurry and I hit the 🔙 button.

    But yeah, all those likes... Must be good stuff. 


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    This is great. I strongly agree, in particular, with 6: re smooth Pass vs hard angle, 9: I felt like I got screwed, because I discovered too late that the pit was attached to the outpost and had already captured several walkers. 21: it would be great to just have a pop-up list, if that's easiest.

    I'd like to make a suggestion as well. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. Please redirect me if you know.

    This is more an administrative tool for leader/co-leader:
    For GW the option to remove members from battle has been added, which is great! Just one problem. There doesn't seem to be a pop-up confirmation button on this action. Need to add this. It seems my newly appointed co-leader may have accidentally pulled a MVP member from battle and it went unnoticed til it was too late.
  • DublD76DublD76 Member Posts: 7
    Ok. Turns out the confirmation pop-up for removing players from GW sign-up is in place. Still would certainly like to see those other issues addressed.
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