[Strategy] Episode 6 Mission 6 - The Long Road

Hello, I know a lot of people have had difficulty fighting this mission, so here's to help some of you out =D

Bruiser+Scout+Hunter: Walkthrough requires that hunter and scout can one hit kill enemy while bruiser can 2 hit kill

First turn: With the Scout, kill one walker. Advance the rest of the team accordingly and kill walkers if needed.
Second turn: Race the scout as far as you can, hunter should clear path, while bruiser follow scout, stun enemy if needed.
Third turn: LEAVE ONE WALKER WHO CAN COME ATTACK THE SCOUT. Hunter should clear enough walkers so the scout can start unlocking the door with his AP. Now, make sure bruiser is covering Scout with one space in between him and remaining walker so that when the walker comes, the bruiser can overwatch stun the walker. If you can not have an overwatch and be near the scout, then just go ahead and stun that walker with an attack. (4 turns left for door)
Fourth turn: DO NOT KILL STUNNED/DAMAGED WALKER, align the hunter to take out multiple walkers. Now use the bruiser to kill stunned/damaged walker from previous walker turn. (3 turns left for door)
Fifth turn: Align hunter to take out multiple walkers, LEAVE ONE WALKER. Now if you can, attack the enemy walker, or try for an overwatch with the bruiser. (2 turns left for door)
Sixth turn: Run hunter as close to door as possible, WHILE trying to align to kill multiple walkers, DO NOT KILL THE WALKER THAT THE BRUISER ATTACKED. Use the bruiser to finish off the damaged walker. (1 turns left for door, end turn and door opens)
Seventh turn: Door's open! Run the hunter in and THEN the bruiser past the door and onto the top part of the area. Use scout to kill the walker that's shown right behind opened door, which should be close by to the bruiser and hunter. If there's more than 1 walker, use bruiser to attack the other walker.
Eighth turn: Threat walkers show up. Do not step on buried walkers. Scout should navigate around to try to be able to get into attacking position of the tank that is standing in the middle of the map, but do not startle it yet. Now use one AP from hunter to position closer to the end of the map, however still able to shoot threat walkers that show up (the ones that spawn from boat area). Should the enemy walkers show up from behind, from the door, the bruiser should have their charge attack that can stop them from advancing, blocking them off at the door. one or two walkers can still pass, but they won't hurt as much as 5 passing through to hit hunter, bruiser and scout.
Ninth turn: Hunter and scout should have their charge attacks. Use one AP from scout and hunter to advance closer to the end of the map, scout should now be able to attack the tank. Use both Scout and Hunter charge attacks to take out the tank walker. Navigate the bruiser towards them, leaving the rest of the walkers.
Tenth and further turns: Without stepping on the buried walkers, Navigate to the end, while killing enemy walkers that show up.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped!
Also, thank you @kapaootweets for making this video, in which I used as a refresher of how the map looked like.
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