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    You guys are just bragging now.  lols  I used this Yakima team mentioned and made it thru 39 in savaging. Not signed up for GW today.  As a team we are happy to make it thru GW 15 with our best players.  I bet the majority of players are not the hard core ones that frequent this site.
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    Virtus said:
    She's fine. I used her in sector 20 today and got through without tools or a bruise. You still need to strategize movements and order of attacks to maximize her, especially with Sasha and Princess, which is who I use her with. I did get 3 Sasha Root attacks and 18 total attacks in one turn. But you have to be careful too, because when you kill something, the rest of the team won't use a free attack. So there is lots to consider when using her and I think that makes it fun. Plus, as someone who is not a fan of tools, I like that she helps minimize the need for them.
    Yeah not overpowered at all, I mean hardest difficulty in guild wars with no tools or bruises. 3 roots and 18 attacks in one turn sounds perfectly reasonable whilst be still being an epic hero. 
    However! I can see what people are saying. It allows people who struggle with the game to get a step up, push further and play longer. If it brings more people enjoyment then it brings the hardcore competitive players frustration then I guess majority rules. 
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    @Firekid - I have played sector 20 before, pre-Yumiko, so this was not new for me.  And, I have beaten Sector 20 maps with my melee team led by Beta without using tools or taking injuries.  And no one is calling for Beta to be nerfed that I'm aware of.  There are different styles, and for the record I used both melee teams and ranged teams in sector 20.  I will grant you that team Yumiko does provide a better chance of beating a map without tools, but I think that is a positive.  I mean, what's to stop anyone from just loading up on tools to take on sector 20?  Clearly many are already doing that.

    And I'm not sure promoting her up beyond epic will actually help all that much.  In fact, it might works against her as the team could do too much damage.  For example, I've tried that team on level 45 and under, but their charge attacks kill off the walkers too quickly, which eliminates free attacks (on a kill) and makes it that much harder to charge Sasha and Princess. So her being epic doesn't really matter all that much for the strategy.
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    I know mate, just the way you wrote the post made it sound like she was really overpowered even though you were saying she wasn’t. My reply was a bit tongue in cheek 😉. As for releasing a hero which is actually better to not upgrade that seems crazy on NG’s part. Is she going to be the first defensive build shooter? 
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    It's a difficult situation. Is Yumiko overpowered, absolutely yes. Did she bring a new play style and strategy, which is great? Also yes.

    So the target should be to slightly nerf Yumiko, without making her useless - and any nerf will easily be too large. I don't think NG will take that risk.
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    I've not played Sanctuary maps yet but I did run through Island 12 earlier today tool free without much difficulty, the fun side is there too. I think the main thing that needs to be toned down is multiple charges in the same turn, mostly with Sasha. Now you're not really going to use her alongside another shooter so 8 is unlikely but with the usual Sasha/Princess/Yumiko team it's not too difficult to get 3-4 roots per turn and it's that which makes it a bit crazy for me. You could take down a tank in no time and even engage 2-3 at once.

    But yeah, I've been campaigning for a tool free NML for months and months now so we are on the right track! :lol:
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    Yumiko isn't OP and you can perform an easy experiment to prove this, use her in the lead with two normal survivors and see how far you can go compared to using Sasha, Beta, Rick and even Princess or RGG. I bet it won't be nearly as far as any of those heroes, so why is Yumiko considered the problem? Sasha has always been the queen of the endgame, and Yumiko does make Sasha better, but why does Yumiko need to be nerfed then, why not Sasha or the ridiculous rapid fire Harpoon gun? I think Yumiko should stay as she is.

    However, I am reasonable and if players are winning with an OP COMBO (note not OP Yumiko) that makes it pointless to try anything else, then I think it would be fair to rebalance something. Personally I can get behind @WellyLuga suggestion of only 1 charge attack per turn, since that won't be targeting just Yumiko, although maybe it should be limit 2 since players are use to getting charged up with tools now. 

    If for some reason NG decides to specifically nerf Yumiko, then I would suggest:

    When an ally attacks an enemy on their turn, Yumiko will attack the target for {0}% damage if she is within range.
    As a leader, each ranged member of your team gains this bonus.

    This won't really change anything for when Yumiko is in the lead, but it will make it so that when Yumiko is an ally that Sasha isn't constantly charging up.

    However, if NG does nerf Yumiko's LT then it should come with an announcement that at least 3-4 existing heroes are going to get much needed LT reworks/buffs. No new heroes, just fix the crap we already got, especially if they plan to take something away from us.

    Edit: Changed my Yumiko LT suggestion so that melee attacks can trigger her to attack too. 
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    I just used a combo of of yumiko, sasha and princess in the challenge at level 38 and they all died quickly.  Of course my Princess has not been developed either.  All 3 shooting in a firing line did not do  much damage. And no one was getting charged as they were not killing anything.  But I am just a regular player.  I'm happy to get 1500plus for challenges at this point.  If someone can tell me what I did wrong, I'm all ears.
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    @wms put Sasha in lead instead, then use Yumiko to shoot walkers in range so the other two also shoot. Ideally the target would be in the middle of the pack so your other survivors hit as many targets as possible. 
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    Danski_46 said:
    @wms put Sasha in lead instead, then use Yumiko to shoot walkers in range so the other two also shoot. Ideally the target would be in the middle of the pack so your other survivors hit as many targets as possible. 
    Thanks for responding.  I was wondering about putting Sasha in lead due to her LT.   I can only win over level 36 usually with a combo of bruisers and Scouts or Sasha,  etc.  Day at the office is too hard if you can't take the walkers down quickly as they are spread out in a tighter space.   Think I need to just wait and develop Princess as she is weak as a kitten right now at level 4.  Maybe I should try Abe as my strongest  assault working toward level 7. I'll try again at a later date if Yumika is not nerfed.  Thanks again.
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    Firekid said:
    Thanks everyone for commenting and keeping it civil, on topic and with great feedback! The results are clear and can’t see NG making any changes to her. Let’s hope then that they are working on buffing some other hero’s so that we can finally get some real variation of teams at high level rather than just going from one meta to another. I think we can all agree that is what we really want. 
    Thats it! Buff others instead of nerfing. Still waiting for a carol buff, u really need only rick, glenn and sasha to hit 2k minimum.
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    Overpowered is the problem? .. in my guild players with lvl 73+ has only 200 stars in challenge and start GW from 1st island. 
    You can easy finish round 80 with Yumiko?
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    I guess "Yes, but I like it"... 😈😏 
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