Music Stops Immediately After All Opening

Hi guys,

I've been exporting test versions of my first ever game to my Huawei P20 Pro and, as you probably all assumed, there were LOADS of issues.

I've spent today going through them and have it down to just the one, now. That is that upon opening the app, the music begins and plays for less than a second before stopping. The sound effects still play, but the music is silent. If I go to my options page and turn the music off and back on, it plays. It also starts playing if I navigate off the app and then back on.

The music is a 15min mp3 of some of my music that I made. I've tested with other much smaller files, though, and the result is the same. The music is on the Start node and set to loop. I don't have any sounds on any other node or UI. I've tried unticking loop from them all, not that I really thought that would do anything.

I can't find any posts about this issue on here, has anyone come across it before? Is there a solution anyone knows of?

Thanks in advance,


  • Lorennn04Lorennn04 Member Posts: 1
    The only fix is a cheesy fix but it involves placing a pass through UI after start that requires a user touch to progress to main menu, place to invisible full screen audio buttons on the pass through UI that basically toggles the sound when to user first starts the game. 

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