Just Imagine If......semifinal

as you remember guys, last times NG ask us about what game mode wipe away

but the break between seasons of guild wars was too long and NG comes again and tell us to choose one more time
what game mode wipe away

Just Imagine If......semifinal 25 votes

doveySg_Deathm4sNova_TWDSparrowMerv 5 votes
Guild Wars
Troublemakerrebecca38341884RiotZappaTCBRITOIcePeterAntonioGreekWarriorHellnightSarge_PasteShezza10 10 votes
The Distance
TheCrabFirekidRikBilldingerBillbamKeennuts[Deleted User]Angelspit[Deleted User]trungta 10 votes


  • PastePaste Member Posts: 821
    Guild Wars
    Guild Wars have been my favorite mode for a long time, but when you organize GWs at the level my guild does it's like a second job, sometimes more effort than a work day, though not as many "active" hours. No pressure to use tools in my guild though.
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    [Deleted User]RiotZappaTheKing
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,470
    Guild Wars
    Guild Wars is the worst game mode ever and #2 responsible for my semi-retirement (#1 being addiction haha). I can't say enough bad things about it.

    Tks for trying NG but no thanks.
  • The Distance
    well well well
    the last stand mode :)
    well played ng
    well played 
  • Nova_TWDNova_TWD Member Posts: 47
    Limiting the amount of tough/special walkers will help fix the tool situation in GW…
    and for Christ sake, remove the fast walkers already 
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