Pls add some action to the game

Jacky2332Jacky2332 Member Posts: 49
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Despite the variety of things to do the teamwork and challenge aspects are totally missing from this game, most ppl just go solo bc they're not being challenged and don't feel that competitive environmentand thrill, many ppl just get bored and leave and that certainly frustrate & harm other players and guilds that like this game and spend their hard earned money on it

That's why I'd like to suggest nextgames our beloved company to add a global chat for the overall best and most complete experience possible, this will help with recruiting, talking to other survivors also we need a new game mode of feature that called territories : in this place we can fight on a live mode combat over territories that will give certain buffs the the guild that will hold them the most, also in order to make raids relevant  and compelling I'd like to suggest to remove fuel and boxes and only use them if u want to search another opponent other than what it suggested, ppl think it's not worth it to use those recourses especially u have to make many raids per day, I keep raiding other players but rarely if ever I get raided which bring imbalance and frustration to the play, I really believe in this company and want to see it thrive especially bc this game offer a really high quality gameplay and could be more than just that :blush:
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