Fuse Box round 43…. Aaargh

ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 160
Anyone have a video, or knowledge of heros and weapons that can be successful in fuse box?  Four pinks, lvl28 is about my speed.  Beta seems good for nothing.  🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks for your help!


  • IrishNudistIrishNudist Member Posts: 47
    I’m at lvl 46 fuse box and got there with a 2 pink bruiser + 3 pink scouts (x2).  I use scouts with scythe to hit walkers through the closed door or through the fence near open door… and I utilize the bruiser to hit the fuse box when enemies are trying to flood in & also to take hits ofc…

    Scythe threat reduction pretty much cuts all spawns & then I roll to loot boxes > exit after all enemies are dead.
  • ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 160
    This is my Beta.  Either I do not know how to use him, or he needs repair.  

  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,174
    If you're doing mele, kill everything. You've gotta kill it. If pgg isn't an option, make sure all 3 heros have tactical. Herd with beta, then he can hit and herd after the hit, and get charged up like that. Rick in lead is often best so charge points keep bouncing. Rick, beta, daryl is good.

    If you're using pgg, you can try pgg, princess, yumiko cripple. If you can't stun both starting walkers with one side of the fence walkers then hopefully you can bounce the unstunned between yumiko and princess for 2 turns while pgg takes care of business.

    You can also try beta, maggie cripple, pgg. You get the option to blow the grenade and herd everything to stay safe. Timing is everything. I only made this one work twice in mid 40s out of at least a dozen tries. Depends on how good you are at setting up to herd.
  • ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 160
    Thanks ghost.  My Beta dies too quick.  Will try PGG!  
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,174
    I kept trying several different teams each time as long as i didn't sacrifice pgg. It's nice to be able to do several tries before waiting for hospital timer to be up. Eventually i got one.

  • ElsbethElsbeth Member Posts: 160
    Nice work!  I’m only fighting level 43 zoms!  
    I’ll give it a go, but my Beta… something is wrong.
  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 292
    Your Beta badges need improvement. You want 3D, 3CD, no flat badges. He'll be a monster. 
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