New Hot blazing walkers!

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Hi،i just realized the walkers started getting rusty and old and wanted to provide a fresh idea that will help expand your walkers roaster aswell widen your strategy built and bring an  exciting new thing into the game!

Crawler : basically a walker that's cut in half and first ever walker Rick encountered after he came out of the hospital, remember details are important.

Boombox walker : yeah you get the picture a walker with a music box around his neck that attract other walkers

Whisperer walker : basically a whisperer who turned into a walker and has the ability to hide 

Thank you for considering this, and I'm sure this will give space for more strategy also keep the game more relevant and compelling !

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    Crawler has been suggested

    I love the boom box walker idea tho very cool

    @Lexia take note

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    Boom box walkers with masks to reduce ranged damage, similar to how metal heads work but a weaker version.
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