Onslaught Update Notes - Part 2

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 

"Onslaught" Update Notes

Sneak Peek Video:




Last Stand is a game mode in which you fight endless waves of walkers and the objective is to score as many points as possible. Waves will increase in difficulty.

The battle will end either when all of your survivors are dead, when you flee, or when your map becomes overrun with walkers.

Last Stand Gameplay
Recorded from a development build anything you see may be subject to change
*Recorded from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change


Healing and Injuries

Injuries caused to survivors inside battle do not last, so even if all of your survivors died in Last Stand, you are still able to play them in other game modes. However, survivors must be fully healed in order to enter a Last Stand battle.


Schedule and Leaderboard

Last Stand is played by using Tickets to Hell. Players receive one free ticket a day, but cannot accumulate more than 1. Outside of that, there is also a possibility to make a few extra attempts with gold. 

The mode runs in 1-week cycles - every week the scores are reset and the map is changed. The composition of enemies throughout waves may change every week as well.

Leaderboard scores will be based on the sum of the players’ 5 highest scores of the week, and these will be reset every week.

Individual score sum-up

*Taken from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change



The total score in the Last Stand is calculated based on two scores:

Wave Score

This is the score that you receive for every wave you reach. You do not need to kill all of the walkers from that wave in order to receive the Wave Points.

Kill Score

This is the score that you receive for killing walkers. The number of points obtained from a walker will depend on its type and difficulty level - special walkers yield more points than normal ones, and the higher the difficulty, the higher the score.

As you kill walkers in the Last Stand, you build up a multiplier (displayed in UI) that further boosts the score of your kills. The multiplier that you receive from a walker applies directly to that walker. However, for every turn that you do not kill any walkers, you lose a portion of the multiplier (this does not happen if all the walkers on the map have been killed)

In case of multi-kills with one attack, the score is calculated in the following way: (SUM of base scores of walkers) * (1+SUM of their multipliers).


Normal Walker gives 10 points and boosts multiplier by 1 

Scenario 1: Consecutive kills

Player starts with 0 points and multiplier of x1. 

First kill is a Normal Walker, boosting the multiplier to x2 → player receives 20 points for the kill. The next Normal Walker killed boosts your multiplier to x3, thus yielding 30 points. In total, the player has 50 points)

Scenario 2: Simultaneous kills

Player kills 2 Normal Walkers in one attack - according to the formula above, the calculation is (10+10) * (1+1+1) = 60 points in total.



Wave completion

The first type of reward is based on the number of waves that you completed in battle. You earn these after each Last Stand attempt. 


The second type is based on the position or percentile that your reach in the leaderboard. The better your position/percentile on the leaderboard, the higher the rewards. These rewards will be distributed at the end of every Last Stand cycle (every week).

Overall, rewards include Hero, Survivor, and Support tokens; Reroll and Reinforcement tokens, Radios, Tools, Badge components and fragments. The reward structure may change as the game mode is further developed.



A hybrid between an item and an ability - these units provide active abilities to use in combat. Players can equip up to 3 support characters to combat, one per survivor. 

Equipping Supports

*Taken from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change

One support ability can be used per turn, and it requires your linked survivor to have at least half an action point available to use. Ability range, damage and visibility depends on the linked survivor. Supports do not give your survivor charge points.

Support UI in combat

*Taken from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change

In any regular mission, each Support's ability may only be used once, whereas in the Last Stand, they will have cooldowns that will decrease as you level them up.



Players' go-to ability to hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Skill description:

Damages all visible enemy characters on the map for x% of their total health and y% of your weapon damage

Skill values:



When the player needs to slow down those approaching walkers.

Skill description:

Inflicts Crippled status on X closest visible walker(s) for Y turn(s); prioritizes special walkers

Skill values:


Whisperer’s Mask

When tactical relocation of walkers is needed for the optimal gameplay.

Skill description:

Herd X random walkers in the targeted area Y spaces away

Skill values:


New status effect icons

New visuals for status and other effects to more easily understand effects taking place during combat.

Bleeding; Burning; Crippled; Herded

Interacting (with an object); Camouflaged; Lured; Marked (Negan)

Reloading; Rooted; Struggling; Stunned

In combat, these effects will also have a number next to them to indicate duration. In the case of multiple active effects, the icons will alternate between each other.

Note: The icons will be depicted with different colors in-game.

Trait notifications in combat

Improved visualization of most leader traits, and some survivor traits, through renewed in-game trait notifications and layout. You will see the status effect/trait icon and text for the status effect/trait.

Leader Trait combat notification

*Taken from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change

If ‘Lucky’ triggers a trait, it will be indicated to the player by a small ‘Lucky’ icon next to the triggered trait’s icon. In addition, a notification will show for charge points that are earned 

Combat notification for Charge points and Lucky

*Taken from a development build, anything you see may be subject to change


• Fixed the issue with players that have Council level 11 or lower having survivors automatically assigned to GW defenders (not able to scrap or change them).

• Fixed inconsistency where using two half-action points consecutively resulted in auto-healing of bleeding.

• Fixed bug where game restarted due to Huntsman Daryl’s ‘Prowl’ attack targeting enemies that are not visible to him at the time of the attack - Prowl will no longer work if the target is not visible from the position that the Prowl attack happens.

• Fixed bug where weapons with the push mechanic caused Beth’s ‘Lethal Aid’ LT to activate without killing the target.

• Fixed unintended issue where the Power Strike trait increased Critical chance at all times, instead of only when a survivor hasn’t moved.

• Negans’ Leader Trait ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Moe’ reworked to prioritize special walkers.
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