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  • SKZadniHoveziSKZadniHovezi Member Posts: 4
    My End button is missing :#
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,592
    @SKZadniHovezi exit and restart the game, it should come back
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    Hi @zbot, the game timer seems to be pointing towards 12 UTC for resets not 12pm as what Fluxx informed. 

    I have tried the 3 fingers method but it's not working and other methods as per FAQ. I have submitted my case via email. 
  • HellnightHellnight Member Posts: 159
    The games style "defend the tower" have different classes of characters that evolve differently as you see fit. Here it does not happen and it is very flat. I notice an excessive generation of fat and explosive walkers, thinking of not so advanced players (I even have to kill 3 or 4 fat level 43 with obstacles that prevent the use of the daryl assault rifle, and being able to take cover is almost impossible for some players advanced too)
    The basic problem with this game is that it all comes down to using Sasha or the power of the scouts against fat men and spikes, instead of giving each class a certain advantage and weakness against a certain type of walker. Besides the game ends when they kill you, but also if the screen fills up, then an excessive generation of special walkers is not necessary, but rather their location. I also felt a low percentage of princess and yumiko charge in the SPY team, as well as that sometimes Yumiko does not charge even though she has eliminated a walker.
    I have compared my opinions in the game with other players, some of them the best in the game, and we have not had much difference in this game mode, so I feel that my opinion is qualified.
  • HellnightHellnight Member Posts: 159
    Another bug I found is that the yumiko trait does not activate on certain occasions. I checked that my heroes were in range.
    If I add this to the fact that when the screen is full, Princess is not charging me with Sasha as leader and Yumiko, and that the new way to close the abilities that are activated is confusing, it is being quite annoying.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,592
    @Steeboon I have 12 am UTC linked to my local time but can never tell whether it's am/pm but thank goodness for the timer in the game.

    Based on the timer, it's 12 am UTC.

    @Hellnight take a video of it and post it on the forum and contact in game support regarding the Yumiko issue, so far I haven't had any issues.  I know there was issues with range weapons with tactical not playing nice with Yumiko, check your gear to see if you are using a tactical weapon.
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    В новом режиме не засчитываются очки и множитель при убийстве бетой с булавой

  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,536
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    While playing Last Stand, I'm getting a bunch of disconnects and cycling over and over where I can't complete the round. Really annoying. :angry:

  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,536
    I am going to have to Flee or something. I can't be stuck in this Hell forever... :naughty:
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,592
    @Governator are you playing on WiFi? If so, Try turning it off and play on data
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,536
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    zbot said:
    @Governator are you playing on WiFi? If so, Try turning it off and play on data
    Only happens when I play Last Stand. Clearly a bug in the code.

    Edit: Switched off wi-fi. Same crap. :angry:
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    @zbot I have resolved the issue. Found the APK online and install over the playstore app. 
  • DrhooDrhoo Member Posts: 131
    Got some tigers and dogs yesterday but they're obviously hiding somewhere???
  • xeniiaxeniia Member Posts: 55
    Drhoo said:
    Got some tigers and dogs yesterday but they're obviously hiding somewhere???
    I believe you will find no tigers since there is some bug with Shiva, but Dog tokens are seen in the "supports" folder on you left when you are looking at your survivors page. 
  • geefer440geefer440 Member Posts: 3
    Major glitch, I am mid game and every time I attack the game reboots, constant cycle, can’t get out, can’t play game, I have turned off device and back on , still the same, very frustrating 
  • FluxxxFluxxx Staff Posts: 1,102
    We're currently investigating the reload issues as well. @geefer440 would you be able to provide a screenshot or video of this?

  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 94
    Firekid said:
    My initial feedback. I really like the gamemode, its challenging and tactical and the rewards aren't too shabby. What instantly has demotivated my desire to play this game is simple. The fact that tools are allowed. Now I quite like tools, I use them in both challenge and guild wars, mainly as a time saver or gold saver however, this mode above all others is the most level playing field you can get in this game. Everyone has the same map, the same walkers, there is no randomness to the starting spawn and pretty much everyone in the game should be able to get fully charged in the first couple of waves. It had the chance to be a true test of skill and tactics but now, those with the biggest tool bag will have an immense advantage over those who don't. With each try taking so long there is plenty of time to wait for cooldown timers to go through and use upto 10-15 tools per run. I also strongly believe that without tools then SPY wouldn't necessarily be the best team for the job and would encourage people to try new teams and different strategies. 
    As it is now I have no desire to challenge for the top of the leaderboard because I don't want to waste my precious tools on it. However I do want to see how well I can compete against some of the best players in the game on a level playing field. 
    We have guild wars and challenge to scratch that tools itch if so desired lets have 1 mode where they aren't allowed. 

    I agree, I don't think tools should be part of Last Stand.  My first run I didn't use any because I didn't notice the Tool icon.  My other runs I didn't because I need to save those puppies for GW.  I spend a little bit here and there, to get OP weapons/armor, but I don't want to spend a ton.  If you do that's cool, you do you.

    That being said, at this point I'm not a fan of the mode.  I'm not going for top tier rewards so if people want to use tools, have it it, it won't effect me.
  • Winston457Winston457 Member Posts: 94
    My TLDR Review: It's a massive time-suck for minimal rewards.  But it's the only way to get Supports and those will be useful in GW/Challenge.

    To expand a little for those that don't mind a little extra reading:

    Teams I used SPY, SRick-Eugene-Beta, Beta-SRick-SDaryl, Sasha-Yumiko-Aaron.  Going to try Sasha-Princess-Assault (Rufus/Abe) next, see if I can set up in one corner and alternate stuns with the Assaults.  Might be a disaster, might not.

    My best round (30) was with SPY, my second best (28) was with Beta-SRick-SDaryl.  I failed both times because I was getting bored and made stupid mistakes.  Though I was probably only a few rounds from being overwhelmed anyway.

    Each round is a massive time commitment, I think I was averaging about 30min or so per round.  I did not play straight thru, I took big breaks in between.  It was interesting at first and then quickly became a chore.  Not sure how to balance the team yet to account for the special walkers.  SPY is good but has trouble killing fatties/goo and even armored.  I feel like my melee teams often got stuck in tougher positions and left me in bad spots for the next spawn.  Part of that is tactics and experience, I saw Firekid get farther than me using his melee team.  So more time in the saddle would help I suppose.

    Part of the early burnout was likely due to having 5 tickets (Thanks Fluxx, I truly do appreciate the jump-start), so maybe over the next few days/weeks it won't feel like too big of a time commitment.  Will have to see how it combines with Challenge/GW commitments, especially GW.  Maybe once-a-day won't be too bad, maybe it will get better with experience and finding the best team combo.

    If it wasn't the exclusive Supports token mode, I would probably treat this mode like I do Outpost; That is to say, I would forget it exists.  Too much time for too little reward, and the only way to get the supports with any speed (500 tokens each to unlock), is to place higher in the standings and get the big chunk of tokens for the reward.  Unless something changes my mind, I will get thru this each day as fast as possible, just to put up a score and get some kind of chunk reward to help get the supports unlocked and leveled up.  Maybe the next map will be better, maybe this is what it is.
  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 3,135
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    After the initial first few plays I quite like the game mode, it's new and quite exciting but to echo a few of the comments already it is a little too one dimensional. Due to the giant obstacle in the middle and other smaller ones dotted around the map combined with the massive amount of tanks/goo that spawn it basically writes melee off from a viable option. You can't prowl or herd and there are too many heavies for melee to deal with. The only team you can use is SPY either with the decimator or DAR, hoping no walkers spawn around you whilst you dig in one corner. I think the novelty will soon wear off but the map could do with being doubled or tripled in size - maybe to match that of some of the GW maps. Around wave 35 and up it just becomes ridiculous with 10+ tanks/goo on the very small map at once. Perhaps if a kill with TR reduced from the wave counter and there was room to maneuver it might make melee a little more viable.

    The fact that it counts your best 5 scores is a really nice touch as the additional attempts you can buy only give you a chance to move up rather than guarantee it. I agree with @Firekid though, once you get to a certain point it just becomes a tool spamming cluster fuck where it becomes a brick wall no matter your skill if you don't want to spend. The rewards could do with being tweaked, getting 5 Ezekiel, 7 Gabriel, 9 Merle tokens is just so underwhelming. I don't know how the system works but I'd rather you get better rewards further apart, it seems you get a small reward for every wave cleared?

    As with any game mode the amount of tools you need to spend to be competitive does not reflect what you earn so it will more than likely be just something I play for free and that be that.
  • GameonGameon Member Posts: 39
    I was in two minds to stop playing altogether, but this ha s clinched the deal. A whole string of glitches and just when I thought it was going so well, some kind king walkers appear. 
    What a waste of time, as if the game didn't eat up too much time already, you add another tool eating mode that takes best part of an hour a game to do. Thanks,  but no thanks. I'm always in the top 100 worldwide, but enough of this now. I will be deleting my game!
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 3,076
    You need to change your username to Gameoff before you go :smiley:
  • GameonGameon Member Posts: 39
    Yes 😂
  • JasonZJasonZ Member Posts: 39
    I like the new mode. One bit of feedback, it would be useful to see the Top 100 on the leaderboard. Currently I only see the Top 50. There is a big difference between rewards at 100 vs 101. It would help to know where you rank in the 51-100 group.  Or to know what score is needed to crack the top 100. 
  • veadabaveadaba Member Posts: 26
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    I also have same issue. How can I claim rewards?

  • ArqueueArqueue Member Posts: 244
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    JayZ said:
    1. Restrict the characters that players can use. Every week should be a different set of 6 heroes (one from each class) and ALL non-hero survivors. This has so many benefits: (1) It forces people to use non-SPY lineups, (2) It gives values to lesser-used heroes and regular survivors and forces people to invest in balancing their teams, (3) it introduces a LOT more strategy into the game when you have to account for something besides raw charge points. Giving bonuses to certain heroes in certain weeks, even by doubling scores, is not enough. An SPY team will still get me so much farther than Rosita, Jerry, and Sniper Morgan. FORCE players to use untraditional teams, otherwise they will take the path of least resistance to obtain maximum rewards.
    2. It's already been said, but the ability to use tools really puts a damper on the game. Allowing Supports might be interesting/fun because they are still new and they are the primary reward from this game mode, but tools just further reduce the strategy from this game mode, which only has one main team that is able to be successful.
    3. Top 5 tries during the week is simply too many to count. Lower that to about 3 or so to achieve better balance.
    1. i like the idea of restricting the use of the same heroes for the entire week. if you are going to play 6 times, you must have your best 18 heroes/survivors ready. 

    however, the lower and mid-level players will not benefit much from this because they may not have enough heroes/survivors to have a chance of going further for more rewards. these players will want their best 3 heroes for all their attempts, which is reasonable.

    3. i also think 5 is a bit too much. each attempt is quite long, so perhaps 'best of 3 scores'? also, i prefer average (and round up to nearest whole number) of best 3 scores than total of the 3 scores. i feel averaging gives a better picture of the 3 attempts

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    Roll back this stupid update, appreciate the changes you try to do with this game, but sorry who the f... Is the beta testers... Ban me if you like, get your shit together 🙄
    Elder : Dead Stalkers
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