Feedback on the Last Stand

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Hey guys!

Thank you all for providing so much feedback in a short time! There's a lot for us to go through, but you can be sure that we will - and do not hesitate to keep it coming here. Having read through all of this thread, and without going into specifics, I can say that we will consider and discuss ways to address most of the concerns brought up.

I will share with you now that we have another update that is not a long way away - however it will likely not contain changes based on the feedback you gave now. As many of you know, Season 11 of the show will be airing in late August (trailer is out! This season will be very interesting :)), so naturally, this update will be mainly focused on Season 11-related content. 

There may be some things that we might be able to iterate on, however I cannot make any promises because we will have to first focus on some of the more critical issues, such as the reload loops or issues with Shiva tokens not adding up. But we will do our best to make some changes that addresses your feedback. Of course, it won't end there, just to repeat what I said above, your feedback is very important to us and we will be taking it into consideration.

I hope this at least gives you some visibility on our side. I'm sure you've got more questions than I can answer now, perhaps when things are calmer and Lexia is back, we can organize an AMA on the forum :)

For the time being, I hope you enjoy your weekends!
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