War this half season is a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Bilbo_SumkinBilbo_Sumkin Member Posts: 3
    Третий день подряд происходит пропуск битвы в Войнах Гильдии, проблема до сих пор не решена разработчиками. Кто компенсирует нашей гильдии потерянные дни и очки ВГ?
  • Walking_FredWalking_Fred Member Posts: 4
    Lexia said:

    ... For those seeing different amounts of participants in GW - it seems like a visual bug and matchmaking still looks to work correctly and players signed up have been able to play normally ...
    Not always. At one point, I was missing from the list and also unable to play. At another point, I was missing, but still able to play.
  • BorianBorian Member Posts: 2
    Third day a row absent whole team. 
  • CliffBarnesCliffBarnes Member Posts: 24
    Same thing here. Third day absent for us. 
    So, three days left and not enough slots for everyone to play their two matched even if the the GW is fixed. 

    How about a sack full of RPs as compensation?
  • oRphEusoRphEus Member Posts: 1
    The same problem with us.

  • NoOne1404NoOne1404 Member Posts: 5
    Lexia said:
    Hey everyone!

    We are looking into this currently. In the mean time, could you try having all of your signed up players to load the game a play another mission before looking into playing GW?

    It currently seems like matchmaking is working, but final registration of players is not completely working so some are seen as 'Absent' because there are "too few players", or then the participant list doesn't look correct because some have still not "completely registered".

    This is just an initial hunch for now and hopefully will allow you to play normally until we find the cause and fix for the actual issue. Let me know how it works and develops, and I'll share more as soon as I can.

    Our guild is also affected and we are from all over the world. It's just not possible to have everyone in at the same time and play another mission. Hope you fix this soon and find a good compensation for this problems.
  • HolxiHolxi Member Posts: 56
    edited August 2021
    Our guild is also affected - the 3rd day in row - and we are also from all over the world.

    I made up two tickets, but no response from the support! It would be nice to write a few information in the announcement so that every player will be informed.

    We hope also that this problem will be fixed soon and the developer will find a very good compensation for this problem - for each guild and each player with this issues.

  • dogmeat13dogmeat13 Member Posts: 3
    Same thing in our guild. Everyone that signed up did, but the day is listed as absent. 
  • IcePeterIcePeter Member Posts: 402
    We’re finally not absent, but with the visual error of us not showing until we play a mission. The problem is that half the guild gave up on GW this week since it’s such a cluster&@#%
  • AneosheptAneoshept Member Posts: 6
    Day 4: Message still the same when clicking Guild or Guild Wars - “Cannot connect to guild. Please check back later.” 
    In fact Guild War selection says I’m not even in a guild. Only get the above when I select to join a guild. 
    Sure hope if this persists NG will restore all our unused guild points. 
  • CarlesCarles Member Posts: 2
    Third day ABSENT in a row

  • Debbie1Debbie1 Member Posts: 23
    My guild same, we’ve got people saying they’re thinking about quitting game 
  • KozdramaKozdrama Member Posts: 22
    edited August 2021
    Debbie1 said:
    My guild same, we’ve got people saying they’re thinking about quitting game 
  • CliffBarnesCliffBarnes Member Posts: 24
    Our guild is absent again today. Day 4 of 4. This weeks is a total loss for us. This messes up our ranking (will we reach master now?), we miss RPs (will I get that musket?), we miss out on what makes the game fun, motivation to play just keeps dropping, and the list goes on. 

    @Fluxxx and @Lexia, is there a fix for this in sights or will next week be just as bad?
  • HolxiHolxi Member Posts: 56
    Fourth day a row "absent issue" for the whole team and no feedback from support ... 
  • CliffBarnesCliffBarnes Member Posts: 24
    To be clear, this is our week so far:

    This really sucks! 
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,586
  • DianeMcPDianeMcP Member Posts: 1
    None of our guild members have been able to play in GW this week, even if our sister guilds are having no problems whatsoever. 

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,875
    DianeMcP said:
    None of our guild members have been able to play in GW this week, even if our sister guilds are having no problems whatsoever. 

    5/5 good thing I have plans today, no island 20 for me.

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    6 out of 6. Yay!

  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 469
    Top 10 absent Guilds?
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