War bug

RobotelRobotel Member Posts: 64
This is not right .
7 against 9 ? :)))))


  • rebecca38341884rebecca38341884 Member Posts: 24
  • FungisFungis Member Posts: 18
    We had the same thing happen with RottinginHeaven v. Green Machine today.  The match started as 8 v. 6 with the match in process.  Then it went to 8 v 8. The match should never have started so lopsided. I thought the matches were locked once started.  How were additional players added after the match was in process? Been playing GWs for years, never saw this before......  It needs fixed.  
  • Shezza10Shezza10 Member Posts: 40
    It’s just a visual glitch, teams able to play GW should be matched with equal teams. Read the latest Devs announcement.
  • FungisFungis Member Posts: 18
    I guess the keyword is “should.”  It doesn’t lend itself to a lot of transparency in game.   Why not just have the teams populate at the beginning before a match v. after it’s already started?
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