4.2.0 hotfix update released

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Hey everyone,

We've released an update that contains fixes to the following issues:
  • Shiva tokens not adding up to players’ inventories
  • Players getting stuck in a reload loop inside Last Stand
  • Some survivors dealing lower damage after the player experiences the reload loops
Depending on your device and system provider, it will be available in your store shortly (hopefully within the next 24h for most, if not all players).

We are still looking into some other reported issues, eg. Scouts moving slower and the Guild Wars absent issue. Will hopefully have more to share on those as soon as possible.

We know many are feeling frustrated about the current situation, and we are working hard to find these causes and fixes for you. In the mean time, thank you for being so active and keeping us posted on things, not to mention for your patience 🙏 Thank you everyone! 😊
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