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I wanted to give you an update on everything that’s been happening this week.
Yesterday, we released an update (version 4.2.0) which contains fixes to the following bugs.
  • Shiva tokens not adding up to players’ inventories
  • Players getting stuck in a reload loop inside Last Stand
  • Some survivors dealing lower damage after the player experiences the reload loops
Additionally, we have sent out compensations for Gold and Tools for players who spent those resources in a Last Stand mission which ended in a reload loop. In case you haven’t received anything even though you did lose some of those resources due to the reload loop, please contact our support.
Another thing to note, is that each resource had to be sent out individually, so the way that it will display when you open the game, is that it will show you only the first reward that was received, but please check your inventory for the rest.

We want to thank everyone who has been keeping us posted and helping us locate these and other issues that have happened since the update.


There’s still some known bugs that are happening, which we did not have time to focus on as we were working on the 4.2 Bugfix update, but we are continuing with investigations and working on fixes for them. These are the known issues:
  • Scouts equipped with certain weapons, such as Kingdom Spear or Bayonet Musket, have slow movement
  • Not being able to retire survivors - a temporary fix for this is to leave the guild, removing the survivor, and then coming back to the guild.
Known GW cases:
  • GW shows as ‘Absent’ although a minimum of 3 guild members signed up
  • GW mismatch with uneven participants or missing participants - So far we’ve found this to be visual bug, and all signed up players are able to play - check the scoreboard the next day and if there still seems to be some apparent issue with points or participants, please feel free to reach out to support
  • Problems connecting to guilds and spectating Battles
Regarding the “Absent” bug - we have decided to postpone the final war of the season by two weeks in order to prevent these issues from happening further. This means that registrations for War 4 will start on the 23rd of August.

This is going to be a priority for us next week, and we will also look into related compensations, as well as other ways to mitigate the impact of the bug.

To help make further following along a bit easier and also helping support tackle other questions or concerns, we’d greatly appreciate it if you took a look at the listed items above that we are already aware of, and please refrain from reporting them multiple times. It may hinder or slow us down in investigations, as well as support from more effectively helping everyone on other matters.

Other than the issues, we're also aware of your general feedback about the features themselves, especially regarding the new status effects. While I can't promise anything yet, we're looking at way to address your feedback sooner.

To finish off (for now), thank you again to everyone for being patient and helping us on these matters. We will keep working hard to get these sorted as soon as possible, and I’ll aim to keep you posted as much as I can.

Thank you again!
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