Why Bother ??

I have not been playing the game as long as a lot of players in here, but I must admit I am very disillusioned with current trends and how the game is changing. The last 2 events encouraged us to spend gold to get maximum rewards, yumiko in one and Ripper and lukes Mace in the other. The latest update has managed to totally change why we were encouraged to obtain them. Melee weapons and characters have gone from being enjoyable and must haves to  virtually useless and love or hate Spy that has been tinkered with to again be not what we were promised. Not holding out much hope for any of these features to be changed and put back to what they were as Next seem to be focussed on the next character they can introduce to con the rank and file to spend more gold and more cash on only to Nerf that one further down the line. I for one will not be pursuing any more Event players or weapons. Why Bother !!!
In fact I am tempted to just erase this game from my life.


  • UserDoeUserDoe Member Posts: 85
    If I reach a point where I don't enjoy a game anymore I take a break. Sometimes I return to game at a later point and sometimes I simple move on to the next one. Games should be fun and not cause any bad feelings.
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