NG even worse??

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So now after several weeks since this last major update, and what 2 additional updates there are still glitches and bugs, understandable I suppose, but a whole community upset by horrible decisions made by NG, hearing of several long time players leaving and a every thread just full of complaints.

NG please stop whatever your thinking! Go back to the old way, all these new ideas you have a horrible! 

I could start with yukimo and how over powered she is, but you should know that 

introduction of dogs and lions, might as well make the game even easier. Might as well just be able to use charge attacks every turn. 

Are you guys looking at how many people are leaving game compared to how many are coming in?

I have not seen one positive remark about the status icons or new game mode they are both just horrible. 
guild wars is what 7 years in beta mode?? 

Look at the score trends over last 6 months I bet the average challenge score has jumped 100% since yumiko, but you cap challenge, why??? 
Now your swimming in support tickets! 

Please do us a favor and ask for people in the community on how to fix this, it’s probably best for your sake. 


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    While I've never been one to complain extensively, I tend to agree. The game used to be so much more strategic and that was part of the appeal, now that's gone. But what is worst to see is to see so many of our beloved co-players leaving the community. Dear NG: Please listen to some of the suggestions that have been circulating out there in the forum and on slack. I could think of three things off the top of my head to make the game more fun for many: uncap the challenge, add a fourth star for no tools or supports used, and make the multiplier in last stand dependent on using certain class and weapon combinations (I seem to remember this in a game mode in Our World, when I played it briefly). 
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    Don't know which is the problem with yumiko, only thing you need is use her too!

    I haven't unlock but I don't complain about
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659
    pollorex said:
    Don't know which is the problem with yumiko, only thing you need is use her too!

    I haven't unlock but I don't complain about
    Maybe don’t comment on SPY with Yumi. 
    If you don’t have her you clearly can’t see how it has controlled the direction of the game. 
    NG did something good with only allowing 1 charge attacks, but that only ruined it for the people who like to use a grenade and kill 2 walkers to have another charge to get a 2nd crack with the harpoon. So they completely changed it to cater for Yumi. But they had to do something 
    But as a player like yourself who doesn’t have Yumi. You clearly are a casual player, not saying your opinion isn’t valued. Just that it’s hard to express an opinion without the actual experience. 
    Stay safe survivor! 
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