4.3 No Mercy Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"No Mercy" Update Notes


8 episodes based on the upcoming Season 11A of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 23rd of August.

Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards!


The second seasonal campaign for this Summer season is the No Mercy Campaign. Like before, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on 23rd of August and ends 13th of September at 12PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Sawtooth Spike for 2000 Summer tokens (Scout Weapon) and 500 Mercer tokens for 3000 Summer tokens (Assault Hero).


New Hero: Mercer (Assault)

Mercer is a versatile combatant, boosting both the offensive and defensive potential of your teams.

His Leader Trait:


Mercer has a 50% chance to deal {1}% of the enemy’s current HP as extra damage ({2}% for melee survivors). Additionally, Mercer has a {3}% chance to resist any status effect.
As a leader, all team members gain these bonuses.

Trait Values:

Remaining traits:  

Iron Skin, Marksman, Dodge, Lucky 


• Having other Status resistance properties in combat, such as "Stun resistance" will result in an additional chance of stun taking effect if the first one fails.

• Man-At-Arms can activate on any attack, including Overwatch, Retaliate, Revenge, Punish, attacks from other Leader Traits such as Beat Em Up and Firing Squad, as well as Bodyshots and Charge attacks

• Both the chances to deal extra damage and to resist status effects chance get boosted by the Lucky trait

• The Status Effect resistance component of the trait works against both walker and human enemy attacks.

Alternative Carol

The new version of Carol, seen in the new key art, will be playable in the season 11a missions only.

weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: Sawtooth Spike (Scout)

Special Functionality: 

After killing an enemy, regain an Action Point once per turn and reduce threat by 1. Deals additional damage.

Traits: Silver Charging, Gold Destructive, Gold Razor.


• Last Stand cycle rewards and when they are claimable are now represented with a timer in the game that starts when a cycle ends

Last Stand leaderboard position is now determined by your top 4 scores, instead of 5

• The difference between the highest and lowest level walker in Last Stand can no longer exceed 30. Once that threshold is exceeded, the lowest level walker will die without contributing towards the total score or multiplier.

• Burning and Bleeding status effect icons are no longer displayed on top of characters like other status effects

• The color of the Root status effect icon is now purple, instead of yellow which made it more difficult to distinguish in comparison with the stun icon

• Stun status effect icon modified for increased visibility



• Applied a fix to prevent mass "Absent" issues in Guild Wars despite having enough participants

• Fixed the issue with some players consistently not being able to connect to their guilds

• Fixed the issue with players not being able to retire survivors

• Fixed issue with Scouts moving slower with certain weapons equipped

• Fixed issue with Negan’s LT not working on the ‘Yard Work’ map

• Fixed issue with Rufus’ LT not working on Last Stand, he now gains a charge point when the spawn counter reaches 0

• Fixed bug with normal survivor portraits changing in the Last Stand scoreboard view

• Fixed bug with Last Stand leaderboard tier %-group showing incorrectly on the mission hub (rounding error showing a higher tier)

• Fixed bug with Morning Star kills not getting counted straight away into the Last Stand round score

• Fixed issue with the ‘Death Jam’ weapon sound effects and particles missing when used in combat

• Fixed issue where Fast Walkers retaliate the first damage instance of a Chainsaw attack

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