Ideas for New Supports

I know, I know, we just got supports and NG has a lot more bigger issues to deal with, but I thought it would be fun to suggest some new ones.

1. Hershel Greene

Creates an area buff (like Beth's) around your survivor that lasts for (X) turns. Survivors in the buff are immune to status conditions and recover (Y)% of their health at the end of their turn.

2. Mike and Terry aka Michonne's Pet Walkers

Summons one (after upgrades, two) walker(s) for (X) turns that you can move up to 2 spaces. They can't attack you or be attacked by you, and walker enemies can't move through them or attack (human enemies can attack them). Perfect for setting up choke points.

3. Otis

Summons Otis who can move one space per turn. When Otis is attacked by an enemy he struggles for (X) turns, and when he is killed keeps walkers distracted for (Y) turns.

4. Andrea

Andrea deals damage to one of your survivors equal to (X)% of their health. Also inflicts the bleed status to them.

5. NG Support Staff

Allows you to redo your last turn but you must wait at least 24 hours. You must give back any exp you earned from that turn to not upset the game economy. Cooldown: 3-4 business days. Stay safe out there survivor!

6. Daryl's Motorcycle

Allows your survivor to move (X) extra spaces for (Y) turns.

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