GW 'Absent' issue compensations

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Hey again everyone! 👋

Just wanted to quickly share that we have today issued compensations for guilds and players who were affected by the GW ‘Absent’ issue a couple of weeks back.

Players have been issued RP’s according to the Guild average performance from the past weeks, multiplied with 2 (for two battles). In the compensation we have also taken into consideration winning bonuses.

Due to technical complications with this issue, we weren’t able to accurately pinpoint the affected guilds and players, so we expanded the compensation reach, meaning that some may have received compensations despite not experiencing the problem - it was the only way we could compensate as many as possible.

However, if your Guild had the GW ‘Absent’ issue due to the in-game bug, but still have not received compensation, please reach out to support with details of your Guilds signed up battles (screenshot would help greatly), so support can look into. Only one player from the guild needs to reach out, since this did not seem to affect individual players, but guilds as a whole.

Big thank you to everyone for being patient while we worked on this and a lot more during the past weeks! 🌟

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