4.4.0 hotfix update released!

LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 729
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We have been working on some more fixes and have today released the 4.4.0 hotfix! 🛠

It should be available in stores shortly, and it includes the following:

  • Fixed issue with scores in Last Stand when dealing with Goos, Shane’s LT, and fire
  • Yumiko’s Firing Squad no longer activates on allies who are camouflaged
  • Fixed issue with fire attacks from human enemies causing your survivors to go straight to Red HP
  • Fixed issue with enemies marked with Negan’s LT not getting inflicted with burning
  • Fixed Dog’s ability to not activate on an already crippled enemy
  • Fixed issue with Outpost battles causing the game to reload
  • Minor UI fixes

Thank you all for the help with finding and reporting these to us! 

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