Tracking Blood wants You

SiyehSiyeh Member Posts: 7
Tracking Blood has openings for you. Will you fit in? Coming up on our 4th anniversary, a dedicated and competitive core of high level players have opportunities open.  We have Challenge minimums, with flex, Guild Wars is encouraged, not required,. Anyone Level 40 or above who can consistently participate in the weekly challenge, we want YOU.  Step up and shred the dead as we grow stronger with your help.  Freeloaders and casual wannabes should keep walking.  Can you follow the blood trail?


  • JohnGDonkeyJohnGDonkey Member Posts: 57
    I have 2 accounts.
    Donkey, 1200+ per week and if your rules of GW fit with my game play (not very good) i can hit around 300. not good against humans but can do walkers up to level 34
    Jar Jar, level 59 (i think) hits around 350+ per week. has never played GW but wants too
    Maybe we are right for you? or just try one first
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