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So last June I contacted Next Games support to try and figure out why my game would no longer connect to Google Play. (I have an Android device - Samsung Galaxy S10+). Though my app settings showed it to be connected, I was unable to save the game or make purchases. Support had me clear caches and data, uninstall and reinstall the game - assuring me that they could restore my game if it failed to load back correctly. Well, my game always came back fine last year, but the Google Play connection was never fixed. So I learned to live with it. Suddenly a few days ago, Google Play spontaneously connected! My joy was short-lived however because it went back to its former disconnected state in less than 24hrs. I figured why not try the steps NG Support gave me last year. So I did, but this time when I reinstalled the game it opened as if it was the very first time, tutorial style level 1... gone was 6 years of work, max levels of weapons, survivors, and campgrounds...
I submitted a help request and the information asked for from what I can assume was a computer generated response, but no further word since then. Not only would I like my level 75 game back, I would really appreciate NG figuring out this Google Play connection issue. 


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    @aculeiange finish the tutorial then connect, if everything is ok, it should say do you want to connect/ restore to the saved account.  You have to finish the tutorial first.
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    I went through the tutorial and got to the very, very sad looking level 1 camp, but it still has the same issue that got me into this mess - it still refuses to connect to Google Play. I click on the little remote icon in the upper left corner, and the prompt box to sign in appears (though that did not always even appear in my original game). I click yes and the box disappears but the save your game icon is still there, unchanged - sign in not completed. 
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    @aculeiange try logging out and logging back into google play.

    Usually google play issue is related to your device.
    1. Check that date and time zone settings are correct on your device.
    2. Check that all your Google apps are up to date (Google Play, Google Services, ...) and that you agreed to Google's latest Terms and Conditions.
    3. In case you still experience issues, contact Google Support. (This link will redirect you outside of the game)
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    On my Ipad i cant see whats going onat the very right side of the screen… My example:
    Daryls pic covering the spot where the spawn is coming from… that problem is not new, i could handle it some how so far… now the support shiva covers the rest of the spawn spots. I cant see what type of walker is coming and if the walker is stunned or not…
    i needed to move those pics to another spot on the screen… please help

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