The Last Stand

Just a thought…
There is a bar showing the incoming zombie wave.  It would be helpful for that bar to move to another area of the screen, and when a zombie is killed, that zombie disappears from the bar until the bar disappears completely when all zombies in that wave have been wiped. As waves continue zombies will remain, stress builds, bars accumulate zombies. Could be quite the stressor.


  • XeRoXeRo Member Posts: 104
    edited September 13
    This game mode has to end forever and I prefer that they sell support tokens in the GW store or in BM.

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,182
    Yeah, they should really have a pinned post near the top for this subject... 

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    I didn't know it was there. I don't look at the top of the forum. Those are just longer threads where more ideas get buried deeper, in my experience. I haven't posted up there untill just today.
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