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So the thread on a potential upcoming council update got me thinking. Since council updates are spread further and further apart reinforcement tokens build and build at endgame, what if we had the ability to further reinforce a weapon or armour after it reached max level? The level would stay the same but it would upgrade the silver trait into gold. Call it what you like, I thought platinum was fitting. 

Certain weapons and armour wouldn't really benefit, weapons like the spear, musket, morning star that have silver tactical, ranged weapons that have silver high powered you might upgrade for the added range. Some items would get a nice bump, the lucky staff, armours that have silver health, the crescent would get a nice bump to damage with having gold destructive over silver. The infused weapons/armour having 4 gold traits would be pretty handy!

@Fluxxx @Lexia I'm not sure whether this has been suggested before (it probably has).


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    Huzzah +1 great idea

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  • hunter_xhunter_x Member Posts: 388
    I like this idea, rather than another council upgrade or new heroes
    My idea is we have the ability to re-roll weapon or armor trait with re-roll tokens.
    But that's a bold idea to begin with
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,175
    Love it.
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