Purple rain

RacerRacer Member Posts: 8
I have been having "purple rain" in some maps lately, does anyone know what could be the problem?


  • trungtatrungta Member Posts: 16
    I reported to NG support last week. They said the problems will be fixed soon
  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 722
    Yes, this is due to an update for Android users (includes Google related fixes) and will hopefully be sorted as soon as possible :smile:

  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 491

  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 491
    purple rain... .. Again

    And Purple Waters

  • LexiaLexia Community Manager Posts: 722
    @m4s Kindly do not bump old conversations on the Forum. As mentioned in previous threads, these are known and are related to the Android 10/11 issue that has been worked on for a while. Please send a ticket to support with information on which game mode and map these are on, and we'll then be able to look into fixing them. Thank you!
  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 491
    For me this is bug is very good, something fresh Purple rain in dark Sanctuary maps.
    I think is easter egg dev's NG.
    Peace love ✌️
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