Suggestion to improve marking which guild war sectors to attack on the map

YikesYikes Member Posts: 85
This is a quality of life suggestion. On the guild war map, allow the leader, co-leader, or elder to hold down on a sector and the map would draw a border around the sector (in a color that is easy to see) so that the rest of the guild know where to attack. Hold down the sector again and the border goes away basically allowing the player to toggle a sector on and off. 

Currently, players have to resort to in-game chat (which is limiting) or external apps like Line or Discord requiring juggling multiple apps which is not ideal.  Seeing where to attack on the map itself would make coordination and communication easier.  Guild war planner’s job would definitely be easier. 
This feature would also enable another perk or power bestowed upon guild members who have achieved elder or co-leader status.  Just a little something more than just a label. 


  • BurmeliinisBurmeliinis Member Posts: 1,037
    You have always been able to place a tag on sectors. Sure, it's not hugely visible but you can already mark a sector.
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  • NoiseratingNoiserating Member Posts: 38
    The tag currently is clearly not visible

  • NoiseratingNoiserating Member Posts: 38
    please make it very very BOLD
  • YikesYikes Member Posts: 85
    Currently, each player can put a single tiny icon on a sector and it’s really not very visible. I am talking about highlighting or marking all sectors that the team should attack for the day.  Guild leaders, co-leaders, and elders need to be able to highlight sectors even when they are not participating in guild war on that day. 
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