Suggestion for Jerry's leader trait rework - Meat Shield

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Meat Shield
Jerry suppresses autospawns from any zombie pile that he is adjacent to.  When Jerry is damaged by an adjacent attack, he reflects {1}% of the damage back to the attacker, the damage is reduced by 50%, and heals Jerry for {2}% of the damage.  As a leader, each melee member of your team gains this bonus.

Currently, it takes 2 or 3 heroes to block a spawn pile and on some maps, you can't even spawn block.  For a melee team, a lot of time, spawn blocking is not even an option (and the advantage goes to ranged teams).  Jerry's unique ability will make him useful on some maps especially in guild wars.  His tankiness may be enough to let the team finish the mission successfully. 

Want to point out that the leader trait name "Meat Shield" has double meaning:  1) Jerry is absorbing damage and 2) Jerry is blocking meat/zombies from spawning.


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    If Jerry becomes THE way that mele can play higher in challenges than mid 40s that would be really cool. And fun. And not spy.
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