RM farewell

Our guild, Red Machine, one of the biggest and oldest quilds in the game, is annoncing its closure. RM was the strongest guild in Russian community, many-times champion of GW, many times topped weekly challenge.
Unfortunately, the politics of NG last years is very unsatisfying: unpopular updates, pay-to-win, ignorance of annoying bugs, some unfair bans.  Numerous appeals of players are mostly ignored or meet taunting answers like 'stay alive'. As an expected result, we have witnessed strong crysis in the game last 2 years. A lot of good players quit, while almost no new players add to community. 
At this point we decided that we do not want to meet this decadence, so we are folding the proud flag of Red machine.
A part of players has chosen to quit the game, a part (including me) will search new alliances.

As a final accord, RM became the first guild (not a national or world community dream-team) to ace maximum score in challenge. RIH, you are great, but sorry, this time you are the second-)


  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,305
    Rest in Peace Red Machine...

    A 97,560 gun salute to you

    Zee Black - SG Woots - Playing since 2015.

  • KarajocaKarajoca Member Posts: 370
    Oh, come on.... playing Guild Wars without Red Machine around won't be half as fun... Most exciting moments i had in this game were in battles against this crazy russian squad. I mean it. Without great rivalry everyone is losing.
    If your decision is final, i am not looking forward to play next season....

    Hope your announcement send strong message as you hope for
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,394
    Well you will be missed, but it looks like rotting in hell joined you for a guild tie very nice

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  • m4sm4s Member Posts: 582
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    Sorry but this Challenge is not who's first .

    I see DRAW🙃
  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    breakthrough and me-too -)
  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 82
    Have fun whatever you will play from now on
  • echonapechonap Member Posts: 174
    Sorry to hear more great players leaving the game 🙁
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 728
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    Sending prayers on this National Day of mourning 🙏
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 728
    zeeblack said:
    Rest in Peace Red Machine...

    A 97,560 gun salute to you
    This comment almost killed me 💀
  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 82
    I see you have many unresolved issues. So, why don't you continue playing, to show rih who is better?
    Why throw the towel when you are in the final? 
  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    RM has not given up, it quits on the top of strength. Also we never consider RIH as a primary rival, as they were mostly concentrated on challenge, while RM was interested more in GW. RIH is great guild and true kings of challenge. We were able to compete and even win on some weeks but not on the permanent basis.
  • ChrisScorpioChrisScorpio Member Posts: 47
    @fragcandanceBloodyChainsaw made 18*k stars in one challenge
  • ChrisScorpioChrisScorpio Member Posts: 47
    The question who was the first is important-). The history does not remember all that "almost" and "me-too".
    It was Vastich of Red Machine who first made 812 without tools, Beta, and SPY in previous version of GW.
    It was BloodyChainsaw of Rotting who first made huge 15k in one challenge. 
    It was Crocodile of Belarus to create the unique low-level account to slice through 20 islands with 14lvl heroes. 
    It was me (FragCanDance of Red Machine) who first made 1036 in the first day of new version of GW.
    It was S T A R, the dream team picked up of the strongest players in world community, who aced 97560. No one cares that two weeks earlier our national team had made 19 4878 and one 4866 just because of one misclick of one player, who occasionally closed the round for 1*.
    And it was the Red Machine, who made 97560 as original guild one day before  Rottings finally managed to do that.
    Unlike RM, RIH had no invited players.
    In addition, RIH did not know that they were in the race who will make the 97560 first.
    They played as usual and celebrated Halloween
  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 82
    @fragcandanceBloodyChainsaw made 18*k stars in one challenge

    I remember this score. I think it was one year ago. It was crazy checking periodically and seeing bloody go higher and higher, until Monday morning BUM 18 k stars.
  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    @Karajoca you are absolutely right. All those achievements are very subjective, and not necessarily important for everyone. 

    The main message of this thread was that community is in crysis and shrinking because of ignorance of NG. Some of us quit, some are about to leave, and just few are still excited and eager for growth and results. The tendency is negative, but developers just follow "cash cow" strategy, maximizing monetization without seriuos investments in support and growth.
  • Killdozer187_Killdozer187_ Member Posts: 728
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    This post isn't going how you expected..... Don't fumble the ball now!
  • DragonLoveDragonLove Member Posts: 241
    I was drunk at concert for days and got my score in late. my bad! 🤣🤣 Do hate to see all the big teams leaving. Wish everyone well. 
  • ZaTTeRiZeDZaTTeRiZeD Member Posts: 15
    I'm with the Eh! Family and it was an honor to face Red Machine in GW. You guys & gals rocked it! 🍻
  • brucewayne007brucewayne007 Member Posts: 659

    is this going to be the resurrection of Red Snow?
  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39
    @grzechExp @Marie__Gaga
    Your arguments are so aggressive and ridiculous. I can answer with a couple of well-known proverbs:

    "It is no use crying over spilt milk" (Russian version says "Do not wave your hands after the fight")

    "Dogs are barking, but caravan goes its way".

    Relax, this time caravan is gone.


  • fragcandancefragcandance Member Posts: 39

    is this going to be the resurrection of Red Snow?
    Red Snow haven't die and still operates, but the most of players have left it.
  • VastichVastich Member Posts: 44
    grzechExp said:

    It was Vastich of Red Machine who first made 812 without tools, Beta, and SPY in previous version of GW.
    Wasn't he banned later for cheating and after ban ended he was not even close to maxing GW any more?
    Affraid of next ban? ;)

    If you don't know something, it will be better to shut up and be silent. You'll be seems as more clever
  • ionicaionica Member Posts: 82
    I want to know both sides of the story, so, Vastich please explain your version. Thanks
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