Suggestion for New Badge Bonus Reroll Options

YikesYikes Member Posts: 85
edited November 2021 in Suggestions & Ideas
First of all, this is not a suggestion to change badge crafting or to change the current badge reroll system. This is a suggestion for more badge reroll options. There are currently 3 types of badge bonuses: class, hero, and traits. The suggestion is to add 3 new reroll options where rerolling a class bonus yields a different class bonus, rerolling a hero bonus results in a different hero bonus, and rerolling a trait bonus gives you a new trait bonus.  The trait bonus reroll should include all hero traits available in the game and not limited to only a few like it is now.  We have a brand new survivor trait, Perseverance and it’s a little disappointing that we can’t even make badges with this bonus or many of the other traits available in the game. 

If the player wants to change a badge with a hero bonus to a badge with a trait bonus, this can still be done with the current bonus reroll option available.

For those concerned that this will make badge reroll too easy, add a little boost (maybe an extra 5% for a set bonus total of 25% instead of the 20% now) for matching 4 traits, hero, or class bonuses.  5% is not game breaking but those wanting perfect badges will have something new to strive for. 
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