Suggestion for Gabriel's leader trait rework

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Mysterious Ways

Gabriel has a {1}% chance of dodging melee attacks and gains a charge point from the extra kill of another melee member of the team.  An extra kill is when it is not used to charge a survivor.  As a leader, each member of your team gains these bonuses.

For example, Gabriel is in the lead and Beta kills 4 walkers.  Beta only needed 2 kills to be fully charged so Gabriel gets a charge from his extra kills.  Rick is also a member of the team and so he also gets a charge since there is another extra kill.

Charges coming from nowhere. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. This is another suggestion to buff melee heroes to bring some balance back to melee teams. 


  • YikesYikes Member Posts: 85
    I purposely left the Dodge part of Gabriel’s trait intact because a lot of players have built him defensively and I wanted to preserve that. 
  • ShianShian Member Posts: 84
    Why you remove the lucky one and keep the dodge ? Keep lucky and remove dodge should make it more clear
  • YikesYikes Member Posts: 85
    I am anticipating a lucky scout armor at some point in the future. Also, don’t want the pendulum to swing too far and make his leader trait overpowered since all members of the team inherit the trait. We have triple lucky now. With Gabriel in the lead, quadruple lucky?
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