Game seems faster.

Is it just me or does the game seem faster after the update. Feels like survivors and walkers are moving faster than before.


  • atrainofficialatrainofficial Member Posts: 255
    yes! ugh! can these devs get anything right?!?!?!?!SFDJnSAkl:dfhjL:KFH
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,111
    FWIW, I like the faster pace. Especially with the unlimited gas. ;)
  • OldGothOldGoth Member Posts: 297
    We have finetuned the pauses in the animation and quickened some previously too slow animations, yes. The fast forward button is now a toggle and now also works during the player turn. All in all, yes, it does play considerably faster than before.
  • DZ_DZ_ Member Posts: 12
    I like the faster pace as well, also I really like the toggle for fast forward, so much better compared to how it worked before the update.
  • DeucesDeuces Member Posts: 55
    Thanks for the explanation OldGoth. I like it. :)
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