Suggestion to Improve Star Hero Concept

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This TWD NML is the only F2P game I actually have spent real $$ on. I like it.

But it's pretty quick to get boring now especially with the SPY SMY and now it's *HPY (Star Hero - Princess - Yumiko) - it gets tedious pretty fast. Not to mention like 200 people get to perfect stars anyhow.

Here's an idea how to fix it:

1. Once you use a hero to earn 4 stars, that hero will be greyed out for the next 4 rounds. You can still use that hero, but if you do, you can earn a maximum of 3 stars not 4.
2. Except for star hero. The star hero can be used (or not used) at any round and still get 4 stars. As long as you don't use greyed out hero.
3. If you use a greyed out hero and get 3 stars, you don't reset the clock on that hero grey-out. 

For example: Beta is star hero. You can use Sasha lead to get 4 stars on round 75, then Princess lead on round 76, then you get creative and 4-star round 77 with Beta lead (no Sasha nor Princess in the team, they're already greyed out), then somehow you use Carol lead (again no Princess nor Sasha) to get 4 stars on on round 78. Then you can use Sasha lead to get 3 stars on round 79. You can use Sasha again on round 80 to get 4 stars. In total you lose 6 stars (using greyed-out Sasha on round 79), some of it could be made up with doing singles.

I bet there will be fewer ties and the game will be a lot more fun again. It will force people to get creative and use different combinations of heroes. It will be a lot more dynamics than just SPY SMY BPY APY, whatever. Meh.

Or even make it into 5 stars regime: it is 5 stars if you don't use the same hero for 6 turns, but 4 stars if you don't use the same hero for 3 turns.


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    I like the idea of continuing to spy my way into the 4k realm and pull in the rewards from the old rewards setting (with mercer swapped in for alpha tokens). If we see the old rewards structure... Probably not.

    I prefer if changes are simple which makes them easier to understand and for NG to implement with less issue.

    What if using the star hero in lead and getting the bonus simply means you can't reuse those heros for the next map you play AND be eligible for the star hero bonus. Except for the star hero. You can keep playing the star hero every map.

    This means no back to back SHMY (star hero, princess, yumiko). This forces the substitution of Mercer and Princess with each other in the assault slot, but for replacing yumiko there is no alternative which results in charge points, which already won't exist for most teams. 

    So mercer gets paired with yumiko and maps with smaller amounts of walkers get nuked and cripple/burned for competitive players to move through them. Then princess gets paired with status effect heros/weapons and that may or may not fall apart quickly, depending upon star hero. Alternating between these two methods is a very thin line competitive players will have to traverse to maintain max stars for most mapsets. Dare I say.. it might be challenging?

    Depending upon the order of the maps in the map set, one team will be better suited than the other to play each round. Competitive players will have to figure this out early, and quickly, and then maintain a fairly fragile razors edge with the decision they've made. Because they CAN'T swap which team for which map in the middle of the challenge, unless a 3rd team uniquely presents itself for a certain map. 3rd teams are more likely to present themselves from extreme development and a full reservoir of weapons, tools, and leveled supports. So there's the cash and development side.

    Think about this. Really noodle on it.

    I think this is the challenge competitive players want, while being reasonable, and as long as the rewards structure reverts to last months, newer players will be able to have a meaningful and properly rewarding experience towards development when getting into the 4k and 4.5k range, while finding just how big the gap is between 4.5k and 5k+. 
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    These are in danger of being TLDR posts. Please read them. I think we're onto something.
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    I can see some of these loops being a nightmare for devs to implement with almost guaranteed unintentional bugs.

    +1 star for finishing without tools.
    +1 star for not using supports.

    ...or something similar would be simpler and will diversify LBs.
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    @FuriousMoldovan maybe you missed the whole point that you’re supposed to use $$more$$ tools not less LOL
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