smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
Michigan Militia is looking for a few great players, Challenge and Gwars a must! 1000pt min.
We play hard!!!


  • sbsdeath13sbsdeath13 Member Posts: 25
    Most of guild is over 1500 up to over 2500 stars a week. We communicate very well and wars go smoothly.
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    We are going to make the Masters in gwars with only 14 on our roster 
    Can you imagine what we could do with your participation? 
    Give us a try
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Made the Master lvl with only 13, we will do it again. Want to be a part of it? Lvl 70 or above please!

  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Have picked up 2 good players but we need 5 more, got a squad you want to move to a  competitive team? We are here for you! 
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Only 1 day before the next gwars! Want in on a tough team? Do it now! 
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Okay so we are at the halfway point of gwars, are 1500pts away from gold 3, still 4 players short of a full roster. Are you game to up your game? 

  • Elflord2084Elflord2084 Member Posts: 3
    I'm level 72 and play regularly. 1000+ stars every week. 
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Have 3 open spots, made 23rd in the last gwars teamwork a must!Elflord2084 you are welcome! 
  • smoke1smoke1 Member Posts: 14
    Still have 2 spots open! 
  • bigpoppapuffbigpoppapuff Member Posts: 5
    Zombie killers is looking for active players lvl 40+ most of our 12 players score no less than 1600 + per challenge. Our leader gets over 3k a week I get close to that every week.  communication is a must gw is 100% must do we have 8 slots to fill 
  • Northwind1400Northwind1400 Member Posts: 11
    edited April 5
    ☠️Dead Unlucky Looking for Two New Players:☠️☠️
    Yes, Steve, Blaine, AK, Desi and any others on a break, time to come on home!!
    We are a friendly, multi-national, competitive Guild with experienced teamplayers. Chat is English and we use Discord to share Strategies and Tips.  Everyone takes part in GW's & the Weekly Challenge, earning 150 stars min.  Minimum level: 45 we are always willing to coach players with initiative to improve their gameplay.  🧟‍♂️ 
  • BenjaminTBenjaminT Member Posts: 291
    I’m only level 69 but consistently get over 2000 stars in challenge. I’ve only done up to sector 8 in GW because no one else in my guild wants to try harder sectors but I’m pretty comfortable at that level and quite confident I could go a couple of sectors higher. Or, if you do much higher sectors I’d be happy to just do the human enemy missions on GWs so the stronger players can focus on walker missions.

    I haven’t levelled any heroes above 25 because I kept getting fed up of outgrowing my best weapons, but I’ve got a few decent weapons from BM now, armour is still a bit rubbish though and I’ve only got a handful of badges spread across my heroes.

    Your guild sounds great, would love to join and develop my game.

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