What is the purpose of "Guild"?

Following up on the discussion of what is the purpose of "community manager"

IMHO even more underestimated is the role of 3000 or so leaders and co-leaders in the 1000 guilds under the top 15 guild. Aren't they supposed to be the ones doing the extension work of community manager on the field?

I've been traveling from guild to guild and lately I've had the feeling that morale took a hit especially at leadership of mid-tier guild. Their roles have been under-appreciated to begin with, and with the introduction of star hero (increasing the threshold for individual rewards), it makes even less sense for these under-appreciated community builder to continue doing what they're doing. From what I've seen: many either stop playing the game completely or scale down their involvement. Some abandon their guild and go join the top 15 super-guild instead.

Which begs the question: why do we have "guilds" to begin with? If it is for camaraderie, mentorship, building community-within-community, and in the end cultivating fun - then current reward structure does not promote this. It promotes the creation / re-creation of super guilds instead where people clock-in, clock-out, earn their rewards, that's it.

It is a lot of work to run a mid-tier guild. First of all, many (if not most) leaders and co-leaders of mid-tier guilds are better players than many / most people in top 15 guilds. Nobody would command the respect to be a leader unless they regularly score 4k - 5k stars weekly. So they are at least comparable if not better than the bottom half of players in top 15 guild.

In addition to that, they also have to work through recruiting, conducting GW scheduling / planning, handing out warnings note / disciplinary hearing, and sometimes even dealing with personal drama. 

@Lexia @Fluxxx

IMHO the game would benefit greatly when these mid-tier leaders and co-leaders are more involved. There should be many ways to encourage this. One way is through the ideas already discussed in the community manager thread.

Then there are also easier and more free-market friendly ways to encourage community-building efforts: through rewards

1. Why not give more rewards for being top performers in mid-tier guilds? Or at least increase individual rewards, not nerf them like you did with the introduction of star hero.

2. Why not give more incentives for guild to hunt down and recruit green recruits? For example by giving free spots above 20 members for any accounts younger than 2 years old

3. Guild Wars should be more fun when played with players with diverse set of skills and ability. Here you can balance the incentives for creating super guild with the incentives of building a guild form the ground up. For example you can increase the differential of RP between island 20 and island 12 to balance the rewards already given to super guilds. The way it is right now, an top player building up a mid-tier guild often struggles making the Master Tier rewards while a mediocre player playing in a super guild can already achieve this in 2 weeks.

So in the end the question is like this

Would you rather see people building up super guilds, or would you rather see people building up communities?
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