Why No Beth Tokens?

Knightmare65Knightmare65 Member Posts: 106
Why is there no Beth tokens to be fiund anywhere. Why isn't it offered in the Quests, Trade shop, or any other place in the game? She would be a great asset in The Distance or GWs. Does anyone know why?


  • TheKingTheKing Member Posts: 152
    They are tokens in the challenge 
  • DoesNotMatterDoesNotMatter Member Posts: 67
    There's a handful of heroes that seemingly never drop, or rarely drop in miniscule amounts, meanwhile they continuously offer the same rotation of x2 for radio for others.

    After months of daily logging in and grinding, still haven't unlocked Michonne, og Rick, Carl, Beth, Riot Glen, Rufus, and Aaron. Ezekiel took forever too and only got lucky with big radio amount.

    Gave up trying to get Beth unlocked this week for Challenges after getting something like 7 of her 32's (looks like it was supposed to be 64 each but gave me 32 instead) in a row and nowhere near her 500 unlock. But oddly enough got 2022 Alpha during New Years event 1st roll.
  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 387
    Beth tokens are everywhere and please dont take them.
  • DoesNotMatterDoesNotMatter Member Posts: 67
    Beth is not everywhere in my game. 
  • WDW76WDW76 Member Posts: 63
    But, it doesn't  matter.

    Those radios could have been saved. Anything for a meaningless moment.
  • ghost_pepperghost_pepper Member Posts: 1,174
    Beth is not everywhere in my game. 
    Beth shouldn't be in anyone's game with her leader trait.

    Save your radios. It's better to dump a few thousand several times a year than a few hundred every month or a few dozen every week. 

    Save every piece of gold and every radio and every tool. Treat them as forbidden to use. Don't look at them. Spend months and months on grinding and on NOT unlocking more heros. Then when you've reached a level in the high 20s, you can begin playing "the game". Playing the "unlocking game" slows you down from actually playing "the game".
  • LancasterZLancasterZ Member Posts: 3
    I think BETH trading is possible, but Beth Tokens? I don't think so.
  • Knightmare65Knightmare65 Member Posts: 106
    edited February 9
    The smart arse comments are not helping answer my question. In my game, Beth has never been in the Daily Trade Crates, in the Radio Calls by herself, not in Challenges reward crates, or even in the Distance. Why not? Her trait isn't bad. It would be nice to be able to level her to 5 stars like all the heroes and survivors I have so I can use her more often, especially in the Distance .
  • ShianShian Member Posts: 146
    becasue she is trash
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    It looks like this thread has run it's course.

    @Knightmare65 don't let this experience prevent you from posting on the forum.  The forum as originally envisioned was a place for everyone to ask questions and voice their views.  It's strayed away from this recently but it can be better.

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