TWD: No man's land - Needs..

I believe we need:
• More daily quests, definitely.
• Private messages
• Global chat / Server chat
• Better Guild menu
• Able to see Guild members if are online or offline
• Cheaper radio prices. 50G for 1 Radio ? :o
• In-game avatar (of our choice maybe?)

More to come..


  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    I like all off these ideas, great stuff.
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  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
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    Please NO global chat. In every game this chat destroys the feeling of a good community... Because this chats are dominated by idiots and not enough moderated.

    No cheaper radios! Cheaper radios = decrease in the droprate. Please not! ;-)

    Your other ideas are great!!
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  • WeedingsWeedings Member Posts: 13
    The drop rate is decreased already and its fine.
    But buying radios is not fine.
    750 gold for 15 radios.. 750 gold is 7.5€. So 7.5€ for a "chance" to get a good survivor is way tooooo expensive.
  • PnubPnub Member Posts: 49
    edited November 2015
    - No global chat. (Too messy)
    -green/ red icon for guild members online be sufficient.
    -3 daily quest. More variants.
    -replayable story mission (deadly) once per day
    -random trap containers in sum scavenger missions
    -random survivor outfit change from presets for a small gold cost.
    -More interaction with base ( example random event zombies break thru walls, giving option to play a defend mission or assign 3 survivor to fend off for reward us successful.)
    -Could also make event playable(deadly) lvl based on council lvl.
    -just few idea off top of my head. Would like to see options that keep more people in game other then use gas and leave.
  • ConnConn Member Posts: 138
    I agree, i would most of all like to see a walker attack towards your base where you have to fend them off. Or every time you wanna clear these walkers by tapping them (And instantly killing them), let it be like a mission only they're all coming towards you and you're cornered.
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    I suggest,
    1. a daily log in bonus ;
    2. option to gift your guildmates with gas, xp or supply (your choice) atleast once a day ;
    3. a 2nd more powerful skill when, lets say, you kill 10 zombies without using the first skill.
    4. Additional knockback for bruiser's gold concussion trait. (This is for the big walkers who are immune to stun).

  • lohseheraldlohseherald Member Posts: 2
    1. wp version (/.\)
  • CatalanCatalan Member Posts: 8
    What about a stronger relationship with the TV series? For instance, the different points of view of Rich ("how many people have you killed?") and Morgan ("every life is precious") might be worked into the game somehow...
    What about a scoop? Something new in the series first seen in the game... Lots of fans will join a guild desperately!
  • OwlkapwnOwlkapwn Member Posts: 168
    No global chat and do not nerf radios
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  • TK-421TK-421 Member Posts: 416
  • mr_matt_89mr_matt_89 Member Posts: 3
    - be able to check other guilds/ players stats
    - More detailed survivor stats; kills, struggles, missions, challenges, days alive (shouldn't have to wait til they die)
    - player stats; how many survivors you have/ had, deaths, kills, missions/ quests & challenges completed and or failed,
    - Weapons database so we know what we have and don't have also so we know when our workshop is getting full
    - golden ticket purchasable levels for a special weapon or character
    - Free roam town to be able to search for special survivors or items
    - A never ending walker mission not to farm for xp points but maybe a challenge just to see how far you can get; with bonuses for the weekly best or something
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    I especially like the never-ending challenge! Prizes should be good considering that we will heavily injure our squads....
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  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    How about a "retirement home" plaque like the memorial, so we have some memory of our former heroes?
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  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    yes, i like the "retirement home" idea, but i also want it to produce xp.. since all those retired survivors are veterans and can contribute their experiences.. more retired survivor, more xp gain. But there should also a time limit for retired survivors before they went to memorial, they cant live forever, you know..
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Who is going to remember all the discarted Common/Uncommon characters?
    Who would want to?

    I do see a benefit in seeing stats for all my survivors, living, dead or retired, but low-lvl characters I never used?
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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    That's why they should still generate xp inside the retirement home so they still have some use.. somehow..

  • I like your idea @Verbaub
    Verbaub said:

    How about a "retirement home" plaque like the memorial, so we have some memory of our former heroes?

    @Conn @RaiderNation @Overwatcher @TK-421
  • ConnConn Member Posts: 138
    I like the retirement home. Doesn't add much game play wise, But hey its another building! My base feels kind of empty.
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  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    I'd like to see Wolves added to deadly missions and weekly challenges, basically ai char zombies with weapons.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Great idea on the Wolves!
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  • OwlkapwnOwlkapwn Member Posts: 168
    I've seen the upcoming Guild improvements and would emphasize enhancing that experience further. I've already noticed a higher level of engagement from people in this game compared to others as it prob has a lot do with the existing fan base and strength of the existing social media presence. Ranks, promotions, and ultimately bragging rights are what drive people in challenges so I would love to see a more detailed ranking system within the guild backed up by viewable individual stats
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  • piepsilonpiepsilon Member Posts: 36
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    I would like to have sub skill. Something that can't be charge but use once per mission. It could be like a distraction (something to lure zombie away), a sprint (an extra move), field medic, making noise (attract walker that are on the field to you so they are not hidden in corner), shot to the knee (reducing zombie movement to 1 tile like Merle Dixon liked to do in the series), etc. Each could be associate with a class or we get 2 random sub skill per mission.

    I like the idea of special event for the camp. Survivor passing by the camp and we have to decide to trade with them or not (both case could be good/bad at random), zombies herd trying to enter the camp, human trying to steal your ressource, special mission against humains instead zombies (better AI and they carry weapons).

    I think a junck ward markett could be good. There you could buy equipment for a specific class but you don't know the quality you'l get.

    It would be fun to have more interaction when you recruit a survivor. Maybe your survivor don't want more people, maybe they don't want to be retired, what happen if you don't recruit the survivor that followed your radio call (he can try to steal from you, kill or injured your others survivors, just leave and more)
  • hhmcameronhhmcameron Member Posts: 224
    Love the idea of events surrounding radio calls...

    Do you get raided, does someone come to the gate being persued by a herd..

    Ohh by the way, the mission with the scout you have to save.... on the way to eden

    Maybe telling us that the AI ISN'T controlling it would be a BIG help, your guys telling them to run took me three dead hunters to figure out...

    Wait, the scout ISN'T moving
  • VHAWK17VHAWK17 Member Posts: 1
    How about individual character you use them they get can still pay with XP like we do and they still have level caps but the more you use them the more XP they gain. I also love the idea of more stats...kills...struggles...etc. Along with all time for the base and the guild.
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