Matchmaking in Outposts

BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 401
Ok, so from what I have seen and heard matchmaking is at least partially based on your star ranking. So what happens when you get up to a lvl where the only players available to raid have much higher lvl survivors? Me personally, I do not care if I am ranked 10th or 1000th, i want raids easy to find and at a manageable level. Most of us have seen in clash or other games the "trophy droppers." People purposely throwing matches to lower their ranking to find easier opponents and better loot, but Next seems to have prevented that. You cant throw a match without one of your team taking heavy injury. Damn.

Oh wait. Idea. Use a radio phone. Just one. Call a low level survivor. Put them on your team to take the dive. They heal faster and are ready to take another dive soon enough. Start a match, flee, find easier opponents. Or at least it is a nice idea til it costs 5 gas each time you need to do it.
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